A Window into the Real Rediisin is Illuminated Throughout Album, 'The Vision'

Always finding satire in his own ability, Rediisin writes with purpose and rhythm. This multi-talented artist reigning from Toronto, Canada executes his skills as a drummer, songwriter, and producer that fully invests himself into mastering his own craft.

Currently fulfilling his dreams one step at a time, Rediisin works in his basement continually seeking out the reach of categorization. As one who is influenced by drag culture, new wave, and the indie scene in the city of Toronto, Rediisin electrifies glam rock into wave pop and garners major attention by doing so.

Rediisin is known for fusing together genres by combining electronic synths and samples with raw rock instruments to create a new bump in his staple sound. This time, he is winning over fans with the release of his charismatic album, 'The Vision.'

'The Vision,' begins with the first track titled, “Real-time.” Heavy elements that glisten on the side of Rock but carry a light Pop element submerge the speakers in sonic bliss. You can’t help but tap your fingers and toes as soon as the record is introduced. Greeting the instrumentation with deep and resonant vocals that pedal delicately through reverberations, Rediidin’s vocals carry a certain nostalgic feel as they depict a story on the reflection of being a life-time musician while being a newcomer to the skill of songwriting. The journey can carry bittersweet components but in the end what matters is the fact that you gave it your all, which Rediisin strives to do.

In the second record on this album, we are gifted with “General Statements.” This track dedicates it’s instrumentation to airy synths that harmonize as the vivid drums set a fast pace tempo. A great way to compose the tracklist structure. Rediisin displays extremely memorable lyrics and melodies as he showcases his artistic versatility by basing this song off a combination of general statements that carry appeal. The tonal distinction in his voice exudes the burning passion that lives within him. It transfers his meaningful messages to the listener in such a unique manner.

“Sucks @ Sports,” is the third record we can hear on 'The Vision.' The futuristic elements in this song pair rather nicely with the 70’s grunge edge that pull us deep into the composition in place. Rediisin wrote this song to express the feeling of being stuck but not wanting to quit. Something that a lot of us in this world have first-hand experience with.

As Rediisin came from a band that in fact loved sports, he came to the realization that he did not like them one bit. The presence and attitude that Rediisiin displays in his vocalization carry an up-tempo emcee like delivery to tell his story. Once again sprinkling his own flair as he bends genres.

“NoisesintheMoments,” begins with laid back Electro Pop synths that have us anticipating what is next to come. As the laid back, lounge-like rhythm begins to pick up, we can hear a ruthless Rediisin shining light on his emotions. The instrumentation truly stands out as the unmatched format allows Pop to take the centerpiece on this table of talent. The sonic voyage in place paints an image of the frustration behind constantly thinking of music. The new melodies, rhythms, old songs, and straight-up noise in your head that won’t shut off. He wants listeners to know that as much as new ideas come to mind, there is a fine line between the noise and getting these ideas out in a sellable manner.

The final song on 'The Vision,' is titled “OurHome.” With a softer rhythm that changes the entire soundscape set out, this gears the listeners down as this outro track is presented. The passionate and wistful tone Rediisin carries out instantly soothes you through each melody and harmony shed. You can hear the sincerity in his delivery as he tells a story of the trouble in communicating with his family in his younger years. He used it as a vessel to channel the inner feeling of constantly crying for help but not being understood. Hard to believe that this record almost didn’t make the cut but we are thrilled that it did!

'The Vision,' comes together as an auditory expedition that holds its own as we learn more about the individual Rediisin truly is. He gives listeners a piece of him in each unique product and it is no wonder that he is making the moves that he is as an up and coming artist in the music industry.

Congratulations on the release of 'The Vision.' Out of this entire heartfelt composition, do you have a track that resonates with you more than any other?

Melody-wise General Statements is my favorite and lyric-wise definitely Noises in the Moment, but Realtime altogether is a simple sweet tune with a big message. Realtime really embodies the soul behind projecting your vision as an artist in just a few words.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when completing this album? Were some songs easier than others to create?

Since I produce, making instrumentals feels like just another day but I was always stuck finding a vocal hook. I would just listen to the feel of the song and then sing along, slowly piecing words in. After making General Statements and Noises in the Moment, the rest of the songs came out this way just a lot smoother

What is the main message that you are sending out with 'The Vision?'

The message of -The Vision- is to tell the world that my vision is coming to. After years of performing music, it wasn’t fulfilling to continue playing and promoting other people’s music. This project really set me forward in making music because I don’t feel like stopping anytime.

What is the reasoning behind “OurHome,” almost not making the cut on this album? Are you glad that it’s finally out there?

To be completely honest, this song was the only song I wrote off true emotion and most of the lyrics were improvised. At first, it didn’t feel professional to release it but then I realized no one’s going to care about that, we all just want good music.

What would you like listeners to take away from this piece that you put your heart into?

To everyone reading this, thank you for taking part in my journey as a musician. No matter where my life goes, I will be creating, producing, and developing music. This is only the start of my vision.