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A Year Of JRtheBand And His Modern Rock Ballads

The Arizona-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer of modern rock anthems JRtheBand returns to highlight the blessings he saw throughout 2021 despite society's hardships.

People love JRtheBand for an excellent reason; he's known for bringing modernity and a refreshing feel to the evolving music industry by telling relatable stories through his lyricism of human emotion and experience. JRtheBand is on a mission to find common ground among us by keeping rock alive and channeling a diverse and eclectic range of influences into his unique rock ballads.

On a more personal note, we've had the pleasure of featuring JRtheBand back when he was just starting out. Fast forward to today, he's amassed a loyal following of 17,000 across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

JRtheBand recently released his soulful and feel-good single, "You and Me," and because it was such a hit and garnered over 11,000 streams on Spotify, JRtheBand is giving us a New Year's present with a beautiful acoustic version. We're incredibly excited to hear the unplugged version; we feel it will perfectly showcase JRtheBand's soul, edge, and charisma.

Throughout 2021, JRtheBand released his acclaimed single, "You and Me," the lively, anthemic, and gritty tune "Spirits in the Shed," and not to mention the slow-burn and chilling release, "Boomerang." All of these powerhouse singles propelled JRtheBand's career forward while the world locked down and searched for the music they could relate with.

Fear not because JRtheBand is here to pick you up and bring ease to your days. Find JRtheBand's music on all digital streaming platforms, and prepare for his forthcoming acoustic version of "You and Me" come the new year.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, JRtheBand. Congratulations on the three powerhouse singles you've released this year. Out of the three songs, which one is your personal favorite?

Wow, that's like asking someone to pick their favorite child but if you're putting a gun to my head I'd pick Spirits in the Shed because of its rawness, and because it's really about partying with good friends in a backyard shed.

How do these three releases reflect your year and what it's been like for you?

The common theme through all my releases this year is the idea of rediscovery - that you can recapture lost passion, that you can regain your wits and get back on your front foot after a tough year for so many people. So many of us have been frozen in place or have experienced change and loss for so long that it's good to hear the message that, even though all the pain, you can still find joy and purpose.

Why did you choose to release an acoustic unplugged version of your acclaimed single, "You and Me"?

A lot of fans have been asking me to release an acoustic version of one of my songs and I never have until now. Most of my songs start as chord progressions on the acoustic guitar first, so this was no different. But when I saw the success 'You and Me' had in its first two months - 10K streams on Spotify - I figured the demand was there for the full song, so why not drop the acoustic version while it's still fresh in everybody's minds? The hope is someone will hear one version and then want to listen to the other. And tell all their friends

Besides your three singles, what other accomplishments have you made this year?

I've attached my year in review Reel - I am so grateful for my music achievements in 2021 in what was otherwise a year I'd like to put far behind me ;) But here is a short list: released 4 new songs and 20 new music videos; reached 225K streams on Spotify, 10K on Soundcloud, and 8K on Apple Music; climbed over 600K views and 1K subscribers on YouTube; Started and grew a TikTok account to over 12K followers; and played live gigs, including a holiday party at the house with the aforementioned shed

What do you hope 2022 has in store for you and your music career?

I am definitely planning to keep releasing songs every 1-2 or three months with plenty of video content in between. I plan on writing and practicing a lot so I can take my live performance game to the next level and then see where the year takes my music from there! I have so much recorded content stored up and ready to deploy, that I am spending more of my time studying social media/marketing more and more. If 2021 taught me anything, if you want people to hear your music, you have to be active on social media. I push all of my shorter form video content first to Instagram and TikTok, while I reserve my YouTube channel for bigger budget full lyric and/or music videos. I have been looking more and more into music libraries and sync agencies as well. So lots of releases and research.


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