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Aamalii Released His Record, “Been About You"

Hailing from Houston Texas, the local Birmingham artist, Aamalii has always been musically gifted. Ever since a young age, Aamalii began his footing as a drummer and creating dissonant sounds on the piano. Throughout the course of his musical career, Aamalii aims to win over the hearts of his music lovers from all different walks of life.

Aamalii released his single titled “Been About You”, and the ironic thing about listening to this single, was how the lyrics coincidentally related to my current life situation! There’s nothing we love more than an artist who can personally connect with his listeners. Becoming intertwined with a song, its meaning, and the lyrics is what’s the most beautiful feature of music. The beat was super wavy and just bounced along the vibe of the record. My favorite quality about the beat however, was the enticing electric guitar, striking a different chord to create a rock star appeal to the trap R&B beat. This gave a new dimension to “Been About you”, while sticking to a raw R&B feel. This passionate R&B feel could be credited to Aamalii’s soulful and unique vocals. “Girl I been about you, yeah I been about you”, was the hook you will find yourself naturally repeating and singing, whether you like it or not. Aamalii has a detailed way of making his listener feel like they’re apart of the song and that’s exactly what every artist should aim for! By any means necessary, music should be a personal journey for listeners to tread on. It’s the artist's job to create the path, Aamalii creates and truly paves the way!

Check out "Been About You" here!


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