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Aantdoe Releases His Aesthetically Pleasing Single “GetAway”

An army veteran with a love for making great music, Aantdoe is a rapper from Philadelphia who loves making hip-hop music targeted towards an adult audience. He self-proclaims it as “GFR” or in translation, “Grown Folks Rap”, due to him rapping about real life situations that all ages can relate to, as opposed to jewelry, cars and women.

Aantdoe recently released his single titled “GetAway” which reminded me of lo-fi rap with its melodic beat adding a laid back texture to the mood. “GetAway” curates a sense of nostalgia and the delivery by Aantdoe is smooth-sailing and clean. “GetAway” isn’t just a relaxed masterpiece, it’s also a poetically lyrical work of art. Aantdoe songwriting has to be noted because as we listened to this record, we noticed the metaphorics were kept simple and didn’t go too complex with his lyricism like many artists tend to do. By doing this, Aantdoe was able to have his listener focused in on each bar and line, therefore, captivating our attention way more than another artist could do. Aantdoe delivered a superb vibe through “GetAway” which had us vibing alongside the music and just radiating an overall serene level of energy. “GetAway” is a nice, well-executed vibe and we’re sure Aantdoe is going to be the artist to look out for!

Listen to "GetAway here and get to know more about Aantdoe below!

Hey Aantdoe, it's great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about you?

Aantdoe is an Army/Combat Veteran with a love for making GREAT MUSIC!!! I'm a Rapper from Philadelphia PA who loves making Hip Hop music but more of an adult version... I'm not just rapping about jewelry, cars and clothes and how many women I've slept with... I rap about real life situations that all ages can relate to so I like to call it GFR or GROWN FOLKS RAP.

Who or what are some of your key influences for your style of music Aantdoe ?

My key influences are mainly old school rap legends... Rakim is the GOAT in my opinion... Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS1, Chuck D, Notorious B. I. G, 2Pac... Just to name a few... Basically Rappers that actually put thought into what they rapped about..

What are some challenges you’ve faced so far in your career?

Well I feel my Biggest obstacle was being in the military... Being in the Army ESPECIALLY during the times of war and being deployed to multiple Combat zones doesn't really give you the time to focus on writing or making your best music... When all your really focused on is bringing your Soldiers back to their families... But now that I'm retired I have plenty of time to focus on just music... 

Tell us about “GetAway” and the meaning behind the song? What inspired you to write “GetAway” ?

GetAway is basically a dedication to my wife... Marriage is not easy... And when you add the separation from being a military spouse on top of it... Me being deployed for 15 months at a time its damn near impossible... But she stood by my side through it all and I wanted my appreciation to be immortalized in a song... So I wrote GetAway..

What’s next for you through 2019?

What's next for me... This year I plan to continue making music striving to build a strong following and hopefully put myself in a position to bless the world with my talents..


Connect with Aantdoe on social media

Instagram: www.instagram@aantdoemusic

Twitter: www.twitter@aantdoemusic

Facebook: www.facebook@aantdoemusic


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