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Aaron Andreu Captures Love At Its Purest In A New EP, 'Stars Collide'

Following a series of epic releases, Aaron Andreu is unapologetically unique and always seems to branch out and explore the unknown sonically. Aaron sees himself crossing over to the English alternative scene, showing us that he can express his soul in any language.

Aaron Andreu brings us his latest masterpiece, 'Stars Collide EP.' This magical, 4 track EP gives us a true taste of his production and vocal abilities. Within the first track, "Stars Collide," we dive deep into the heartfelt lyrics, explaining how much he needed "peace of mind." Aaron tells us about a woman that he wants to stay in his life, because of how at peace he feels with her by his side. The emotional guitar and production take us on a journey from Aaron's perspective exploring exactly how it felt to be him at that moment. Moving on to the second track, "You Are My Favourite Colour, "is a song that digs deeper into his feelings for the mysterious woman he sings about, becoming vulnerable with his audience as he sings about the unstable, emotional turmoil this love story evolves into.

The love story continues on "More Myself. " Aaron shares loving words of comfort at the beginning of the song, giving us a Coldplay ambiance as the sonics whirl around us. Tailoring everything for a breath-taking listening experience, he ends this 4 track beauty with the last track titled "Grey Light," again displaying his soothing vocals over alternative guitars, strumming a mysterious melody with a surprise beat-switch, mid-track.

'Stars Collide EP' is a captivating experience that keeps the audience entranced in a vibe created with soul and honesty by Aaron Andreu.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Aaron Andreu. We loved your latest EP, 'Stars Collide,' and what it brings sonically. How long does it take to create a masterpiece like this, and did you produce all the songs yourself?

Thank you so much! The recording, mixing & mastering process took about a month. I couldn't dare take all the credit for this record. When I first set out to make this EP, it was with the intent of exploring new ground for me, so I intentionally took a more hands-off approach to the production. As time passes, I've become more open and more eager to hear what other creatives hear when they listen to what I write. When I met with the uber-talented Chris Moore about working together, I instantly knew that he was "my guy" for this project. We vibed conceptually from the get-go. So much so that I felt completely comfortable sending him drafts of the songs with just me and an acoustic guitar and giving him "carte blanche" with the production. In fact, there were moments in the studio where I purposely would sit on my hands and zip my mouth, so to speak, in order to allow things to blossom organically. It was truly a beautiful experience. I couldn't be happier with the result.

Creating different genres throughout the years, was there a stand-out favorite to tap into?

I suppose I've always leaned towards "alternative," altho really nowadays, music categorization has become so funny to me. With the "death of rock," what is "alternative?" Anything with a guitar? It's almost like you have "money-making" and "everything else." Hopefully, this record lands somewhere in between.

You're always re-shaping and exploring new avenues. What fuels your inspiration? What is the first thing that you do when you feel inspired to create?

Wine. Lots of wine. *laughs* Seriously, though, I listen to pretty much every type of music in any language, whether I speak it or not. The vibes and sonic textures are what speak to me. I've actually found myself getting choked up to some music sung in Italian. I don't speak Italian. Reading helps keep me stimulated. Spending time outdoors does wonders for the process as well. Of course, my muse always keeps me good and inspired too. Then when inspiration strikes, I stop what I'm doing and let myself feel it. I give myself over to what I feel, whether it's "crazy" or not. Then I reach for my notebook (app) and start writing down everything that comes bubbling up. Too often, I believe we suppress inspiration because we're overly critical of ourselves and afraid of judgment.

How does your romantic life affect the music you create and the choice of genre?

Beck said it best when he said, "You can't write if you can't relate." For me writing music is as much therapy as it is entertainment. The choice of genre is like the experience's tone of voice, sometimes intentional, sometimes not.

What does 'Stars Collide' mean to you?

For me, it's about two independently brilliant beings meant to be drawn to each other across the great cosmic expanse and "colliding" into a glorious messy union.

What's next for you?

I'm concurrently working on pre-production for a new Spanish EP with my good friend John Garza of the Chris Perez Band and on my next English EP with another talented friend of mine out in Austin, TX. Hopefully, we'll be releasing those projects in mid to late 2022. In the meantime, I've got another single or two up my sleeve for immediate release!

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