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Aaron Andreu Releases A Dynamic 5-Track EP, 'Luna'

Texas-based Latin recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Aaron Andreu releases a reflection of his personality with a new 5-track EP, 'Luna.'

During his time as the lead singer of underground Latin alt-rock band Nucleo, Aaron Andreu was able to share the stage with various Grammy Award winners. From half-Puerto Rican and half-Mexican descent, Aaron Andreu is also the great-nephew of international opera singer Elgego Esparza. His music is inspired by the likes of Radiohead, The Beatles, and Mana. Recently releasing his 5-track EP, 'Luna,' the record is said to portray his brand of Latin art-rock.

Beginning our venture into the EP, we're met with the introductory track, "La Victoria." The song gently opens with a warm acoustic guitar and Aaron Andreu's lush vocal stylings. As he begins to serenade us in the Spanish Language, the accompanying instrumentals continue to pour through our speakers with a soothing and relaxed tenderness. Grabbing our attention is the blistering electric guitar that begins to scorch through the song and heat up the atmosphere. As Aaron Andreu and his powerhouse instrumentals take us to the outro, they leave us with this refreshing and rejuvenating sensation that opens the project like the start of a good day.

Moving onto the second and title track, "Luna," the song kicks off with an incredibly haunting and intense atmosphere through a reverbed electric guitar and airy downtempo drum breaks. As Aaron Andreu makes his breathy and sultry vocal appearance, he instantly grabs our undivided attention with his low-toned vocals that whisper through our speakers like the moon whispers to the evening sky. As he continues to travel down this deeply emotional and passionate path, Aaron Andreu makes his way to the song's end while the hazy and saddened instrumentals back him up to make for a compelling and reflective listening experience.

On a brighter note, the third track, "Piedra Solar," opens with an airy mid-tempo drum beat and the most vibrant electric guitars that rain down from above. As Aaron Andreu makes his way in, he takes us by the hand and serenades us with the utmost emotion while gently delivering his sweet Spanish lyricism. We can hear many hints to the grunge era on the relaxed and emotional verse, but Aaron Andreu transforms the song into a bright and electrifying space on the catchy hook. As the soothing and dynamic instrumentals continue to pour through our speakers, Aaron Andreu ends the song on a chilling and passionate note.

Passing the EP's midway point with the next track, "Victimas," this song takes off with a calming and passionate acoustic guitar to set the emotional and spacey tone. As the mid-tempo drums begin to fade in, so do the tender electric guitars and Aaron Andreu's soft vocals. As he begins to delve into his emotional lyrical content, listeners are able to catch the passion and emotion merely through the tone of his voice. Although we're not fluent in Spanish, we're well aware that this song holds a deep and emotional meaning with help from Aaron Andreu's unforgettable and compelling performance alongside his lush sonic background.

Reaching the EP's final and outro track, "Desvanecer," we're met with a dreary electric guitar soaked in reverb alongside a layered electric guitar that brings sonic similarities to Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You." Continuing our listen to this calming and heavenly piece, Aaron Andreu makes his way over to the hook, where we become certain that this is a cover of Mazzy Star's stunning single, "Fade Into You." We adore Aaron Andreu's Spanish rendition of this haunting and passionate tune, as it makes for the perfect piece to close the project and leave listeners in awe of the entire listening experience.

Bask in the chilling ambiance of Aaron Andreu's latest 5-track EP, 'Luna,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Aaron Andreu, and congratulations on the release of your dynamic 5-track EP, 'Luna.' What inspired you to create this project?

Thank you so much. The concept for Luna came from a painting I saw. It was a self-portrait of a woman, but in place of her face, she had painted the moon. It struck me. It initially inspired me to write the title track, but then it became my muse, and the vibes just spilled over into the other songs I wrote on this EP. I didn't realize it at the time, but that painting had a profound effect on me.

Did you work alongside any musicians or producers when creating the EP' Luna,' or did you tackle the instrumental/sonic process entirely solo?

I'm actually pretty proud that I write my own material and perform the majority of the guitar and bass work on my recordings, but that being said, I also love to work creatively with like-minded artists. On 'Luna,' my incredibly talented friend Jaime Salinas co-produced the album with me and recorded a good bit of the guitar work on it. Working with other artists, your vibe musically can add facets to your work that enhance and expand its overall perspective.

What concept or theme did you want to get across to your audience with the entire EP, 'Luna?'

Love is celestial. We dream of it. Long for it. We look to it as one might look to the Sun and Moon and Stars to heal and to guide.

How did you want to make the listener feel after listening to your EP, 'Luna?' What did you want them to take away from the project?

Hopefully, they are able to tap into the vibes I felt when I wrote it. Introspective, romantic, unfettered. I'd like to think they thought of someone special to them and felt compelled to express their feelings.

Do you have a favorite song from the EP, 'Luna?' Could you expand on why you gravitate to this particular song?

That's a tough question. It's kind of like asking a parent who their favorite child is. While intrinsically different, they're still a part of you and in the case of this EP are really just different aspects; the last song on the EP is a Mazzy Star cover I interpreted into Spanish. "Fade into You." I never play covers, but this is one of the first songs I ever learned to play and was drawn to it at the time of recording, which is kind of funny because while written in English, the lead singer Hope Sandoval is Hispanic, and even the bands name Mazzy STAR fit with the dreamy celestial concept of the Ep. It just vibed at the right time, so we recorded it.


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