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Aaron Marlowe Salutes 80s Rock & Classic Country With “Heroes”

Recently breaking into the Nashville music scene, Aaron Marlowe brought another single to his arsenal. Released on June 23, 2023, “Heroes” demonstrates the dynamic fashion in which Aaron blends country and rock in addition to his prolific writing. Using his genre-blending fusion, he attaches a profound message well worth absorbing.

The release includes a music video with the opening lyrics, “Teenage girl of only sixteen/Looks at all her old memories/Thinks all she has seen/Are promises broken,” revealing a young woman sitting on a couch, holding back tears. He utilizes a black-and-white filter to demonstrate how color can be stripped from our world when promises are broken and hope is diminished.

He tells the story of a woman who has experienced broken promises and the struggle of being let down while hoping to trust others again. The video switches back and forth from his narration as he sings and plays guitar with his cool black and white shades and the young woman sulking on the sofa. The emphasis of the perfectly cheesy yet emotional video makes the 80s feel of the record complete. It reminds us of the classic rock videos we all miss that have faded from the mainstream.

Aaron Marlowe’s weapon of choice is the guitar and for good reason. He has been playing for over 25 years, and it shows. From catchy rhythm riffs to the soaring 80’s-esque guitar solo, Aaron uses his abilities to enhance an already well-written record.

Aaron truly fits the “singer-songwriter” mold with a heavy lean towards his love of classic rock and country music. If you dive into his discography, you’ll find him hitting different areas of these two genres with fantastic accuracy.

Tap into Aaron Marlowe’s latest single and music video, “Heroes,” and take a trip back to the 80s.


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