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Aaron Martyn Gives Us A Hit About The IG Models!

In today’s age, social media is probably one of the most leading aspects in the current generations idea of “leisure activity”. Instagram is loaded with your favorite “IG models” who trend daily with their riveting posts. Fifteen year old singer and songwriter Aaron Martyn channels that popular element into his Caribbean styled pop hit “Insta Famous”. The lyrical quality behind “Insta Famous” was my favorite. Here you have a song that not only touches base on how instagram could consume the mentality of a girl who is itching to be one of the gram’s leading faces, but he gives you a romantic love bop by exhibiting his gentleman persona and discussing his interest in the girl despite her interest in the likes and comments from everybody else. His smooth voice that’s texturized like silk, serenades you through this fun and charismatic song with elements of lovey-dovey with an idyllic viewpoint on society. Aaron Martyn not only delivered us a song with fun lyrical wordplay, he distributed us a hit tune, digestible for every lover of pop and dancehall music. “Insta Famous” is no doubt the perfect sound for today’s generation and could most definitely go mainstream! Doing major things at only 15 years old, this promising young talent made a huge personal sacrifice to pursue his passion for music. A naturally gifted footballer, he was scouted at nine years old and played for top clubs including Tottenham Hotspurs, Charlton. He is undeniably the next big thing in the music industry!

Don't miss out on Aaron's "Insta Famous" and check the track out here. Don't forget to keep on scrolling to read the artists exclusive interview!


Mind telling us a little bit about where you’re from and your background Aaron?

I am from a place called Hackney in East London. I started out chasing the dream to be a footballer and naturally just feel into music. Once I got a taste of being an Artist/Songwriter I knew there was no looking back.

Have you ever found it challenging for people to take you serious in the music industry knowing how old you are? How do you rise above that?

Yes! I’ve found being young has it’s limitations for certain opportunities. The way I rise above it is I just focus on enjoying music, the journey and pushing towards my goals.

Tell us a little bit about “Insta Famous”! What inspired you to write this?

This record came out of nowhere. I was in a writing session with Yannis Constantinou, Curtis Richardson and Darren Martyn. Yannis had this idea on the way to the studio and we progressed it from there. This song speak for itself. Too many people out here tryna be Insta Famous, lol.

Did you have any IG crushes that came to mind while writing this song?

No. This song was based on how things just are!

What's next for you through 2019?

I have my EP ‘Growth’ coming out real soon. This year is a transitional year for me and my career that’s why we titled the EP ‘Growth’. I’ll be releasing more videos, writing more records, performing at more shows and enjoying the journey!


Connect with Aaron Martyn via the artists website and Instagram!


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