Aaron Salem Releases His New Single “It Is What It Is”

Aaron Salem is a rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. Salem is a Cuban/Canadian who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. At the age of 12, Aaron Salem started writing music as an escape from his sister’s drug addiction and the turmoil he was experiencing at home. After a 12 year battle with drug addiction, his sister died from an overdose on April 19th, 2014. This incident fueled Aaron with more drive and purpose towards his musical career. At his first event in Miami, there were so many fans that it had to be shut down due to overcrowding. With Salem’s vast catalogue of music videos, his “Only Way Out” EP and his extensive social media presence, he has a diverse following with fans from North America, Australia and Europe.

BuzzMusic is happy to release Aaron Salem’s single, “It Is What It Is”. This song is catchy and modern with an old-school Cuban feel, coming together to make a catchy tune with a great balance of old and new. The beat features a sample of a nylon string guitar which makes it easy to hear how Miami’s Cuban influences have rubbed off on this artist. The vocals are rhythmic and poetically delivered with tons of emotion and attitude. At times the percussion stops and the backup vocals enter, creating a lush and rich texture. All of this contributes to a thoughtfully written song, and we encourage everyone to listen to “It Is What It Is”.

Listen to Aaron Salem's new single "It Is What It Is" here.

Hi Aaron! Did you grow up in Miami? How would you generally describe the music scene there?

Yeah, I grew up in Miami. The music scene here is always popping though! There’s studios pretty much all over. From Major studios to people re-designing their entire house to try and be the next big time studio. Everyone wants to be a rapper here, but I stand out with my own sound, so I don’t think I have competition. 

Did you ever get formal training in music or did you figure all of this out for yourself?

Naw, this is something I figured out on my own. I was 11 when I started writing. YouTube wasn’t around like tha