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Aaron Sand Delivers Pure 'Introspection,' In His Debut Album

Coming in hot from Westchester, New York, is a singer-songwriter, actor, model, and dancer Aaron Sand with his long-awaited debut 7-track album, 'Introspection.'

When it comes to Aaron Sand's broad and dynamic sound, you never know what to expect, as he's best known for traversing experimental compositions from pop, rock, alternative, electronic, and more. Listeners are bound to feel intrigued by Sand's distinct vocals, meaningful lyrics, and symbolic artistry. Now releasing his vibrant debut album, 'Introspection,' let's see what Sand brings to the table this time around.

Jumping into the new record, we hit play on the introductory track and previous single, "Body On Mine," which slowly opens with sunrise-like synth arrangements that slowly increase in vibrance and energy. Once the muffled pop drums pour in, so does a squeaky brass-like synth that continues driving the energy forward. Listening to Aaron Sand's warm and melodic vocals, he passionately sings of yearning to be around a certain someone and describes the lustful and sensual scenes that he can only picture until it's a reality.

Moving into track number two, "The Cycle," this piece opens with a soft and soothing acoustic guitar melody that slowly opens into this refreshing rock/r&b space through tender electric guitar riffs and jazzy drum arrangements. Aaron Sand takes this track to make it known that his heart isn't one to play around with and although he gave someone chances time and again, it's clear he's better off solo. We love the honesty and independent power Aaron Sand delivers in this piece; it perfectly balances the album with this upbeat anthem for self-sufficiency.

Onto another previous single, the album's third tune, "Funhouse Games," explodes open with a gritty and heavy rhythm guitar riff that moves over into a steady, anticipation-filled drum arrangement. As Aaron Sand begins vocalizing the pain someone caused him and their wishes to leave him shattered, Sand ramps up the energy to firmly deliver themes of inner-power and distaste with playing these "Funhouse Games" within a relationship. We appreciate the animalistic and angsty approach Sand has taken with this track; it truly helps us understand his broad musical abilities even further.

The album's fourth track and halfway point, "Pass By Me," slows things down with a tender and delicate r&b-like guitar arrangement that dances through our speakers with some heavy Maroon 5 vibes. As the upbeat drums and percussion begin tapping through our speakers, Aaron Sand begins opening his heart and wondering why he let someone so special pass him by. This soulful and tranquil ballad is bound to lift the spirits of any listener, and we're sure Aaron Sand's subtle scatting and rhythmic vocal delivery will add to the overall harmonious and delicate experience.

Keeping the downtempo groove alive is track number five, "Don't You Let Me Go," which opens with a dreamy lead guitar riff alongside soul-soothing drum breaks and Aaron Sand's bright and lush vocals. While singing of those gut-wrenching moments within a relationship that separate both parties with anger and frustration, Aaron Sand makes it clear that he's not done just yet. Before we know it, a deeply passionate and captivating rapper makes his way in to add to the album's soul and emotion while closing the song on a note of devotion and faith.

Channeling some heavy rock energy is the album's sixth track, "Halfway Broken," which pierces open with a melancholy rhythm guitar riff that quickly takes off into a vibrant and colorful alt-rock arrangement. Aaron Sand takes us by the hand and guides us down the relatable and emotional path of confusion within a relationship and feeling it tear apart at the seams. Sand makes crucial realizations in this track, like knowing when to admit he's wrong, and the thrilling rock instrumentals perfectly emphasize those difficult internal moments.

Closing off the listening experience with the seventh track, "Missing Piece," this dreamy tune begins with an ethereal electric guitar riff alongside Aaron Sand's gentle vocals. He softly sings of the long and tiresome journey towards self-love and finally finds it with help from his "Missing Piece," helping him realize how special and unique he really is. This song perfectly represents the culmination of such a dynamic album that explored loves peaks and valleys, and if one thing's for sure, Aaron Sand isn't going anywhere now that he's finally found someone who fits his complex puzzle.

Experience pure 'Introspection' like you never have before with Aaron Sand's dynamic 7-track album, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Aaron Sand. Congratulations on releasing your incredibly personal yet groovy new album, 'Introspection.' What was the main source of motivation or inspiration behind this record? What compelled you to create it?

Thank you for having me. So "Introspection" was written over the course of the past couple of years. It was supposed to be a completely different album with an entirely different tone when I first got started, and it wound up naturally developing into what it is now. I went through a ton of abuse growing up, and now that I'm an adult, I've really just been on this journey of finding myself these past few years. I wrote each song at a different point in that journey. So this album is really about the abuse I went through and my journey of self-discovery since gaining control over my own life. This album tells a story (as does each song on it.) There's so much meaning behind everything. Every tiny detail - the looks in the videos, single covers, and album covers; the color & fonts of the text used, little messages in the background, shots in the videos, the locations in the videos, the effects on how I sound, etc. - there is meaning & message behind it all. Everything is well thought out and means something. I don't really think there was anything specifically compelling me to create it, nor do I think there was any specific source of inspiration. I can definitely get more into specifics when it comes to the songs on the album, but the album as a whole, I'd say, is really just inspired by my life, and it just naturally came together.

What impact or effect do you want the album 'Introspection' to have on listeners? Did you hope to evoke a sense of reflection or 'Introspection' in your audience?

I actually never even thought about it evoking that in people, but now that you mention it, I definitely hope it does. The impact I'm really hoping to have, however, is for the album to let people know they aren't alone, bring awareness to larger topics and issues, and ultimately help people and make a difference in this extremely messed up world. I really want my music to draw out the emotion in people and really make them think. I'd love to be able to make a difference and change people's lives for the better… that's the ultimate goal at the end of the day. That's what I hope to achieve, not just with this album… but with every work of art I create.

Who was the featured rapper on track number five, "Don't You Let Me Go?" What made you want to add his verse to this tune?

The featured rapper was Cye TheGod. I actually wanted to get someone else on it originally… however they weren't responding, and I was already working with him cause he owned the studio I was recording at, so I figured I'd ask him to do it, and he agreed.

It worked out well and actually wound up being one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Did you work with any other artists or producers when navigating through 'Introspection?' Who else helped shape the album?

Yes, I did. So like I said before, Cye actually owns the studio I recorded at (WAWG Studios in Westchester, NY). Cye also helped with location scouting and directing for the music videos, and his team was very much involved as well. Jay Thompson did photography, videography, and editing, and Rockey Vushaj (who also goes by Rroku and runs RV. Productions) not only helped Jay out with some of the videography, but he also created all the beats and did all the mixing and mastering.

Do you have a favorite song from 'Introspection?' What makes that song stand out to you?

I actually have two favorites. The second single, "Funhouse Games," is my all-time favorite on the album because of just how personal it is to me. Every song on this album is extremely personal… but that one especially. I wrote it about the abuse I went through growing up and the way that my mother had me severely drugged up and used a very messed up system against me. My own mother was so willing to destroy my life for her own personal gain, and this song is about how I'm absolutely no longer putting up with her crap. It's about how she no longer has any power over me, how this is my life, and I'm taking it back and coming out on top. My second favorite is "Don't You Let Me Go," which is about an extremely dysfunctional relationship where you're fed up, but you don't want to leave. It's about loving someone so much that you can't seem to stay away from them (despite what you might go through when you're with them). This is something I feel like a lot of people can relate to - that realization that you need to leave, but that feeling of "what if?" - that fear of not being with them anymore, combined with that hope that maybe, just maybe, they'll change for the better.

What's next for you?

Well, currently I'm looking for new management. I really need a team behind me who takes me seriously as an artist, trusts my vision, and is willing and ready to help me achieve the things I want to achieve and bring my visions to life. Once I've got better management behind me, I'd like to start booking more shows and interviews and get my name out there more as an artist. I'd also love to potentially get signed to a label, although I have concerns when it comes to that because I don't ever wanna be controlled or held back as an artist.

I'm praying that the right management and label will come along when the timing is right.

Until then, I'm doing what I can to manage myself and book shows and interviews on my own. I'm also almost done writing my second album already, so I'm looking for producers to help me with putting my songs to music and studios in NYC to record. I also intend on this second album being much darker and way more rock & roll driven.


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