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Aaron Wylder Reminds Us Of Simpler Times Past On His New Release “Horseplay”

The Caribbean-born, Victoria-based musician endearingly remembers precious time spent with his brothers.

Born and raised in the Caribbean but now based out of Victoria, BC, indie folk songwriter Aaron Wylder has always made it his mission to make music that is ultimately meaningful. He’s set himself apart from his peers with versatility and his willingness to explore different moods, themes, and styles while infusing them with a memorable jingle that makes his sound uniquely his. With his latest 4 track EP “The King of My Own Heart,” Wylder does just that, tackling themes of mental health, companionship, dreams, and cherished memories of roughhousing with his brothers with an energy and groove that is ultimately infectious.

Listening to how far he’s come now, it’s easy to forget that Wylder’s musical journey was winding. Having grown up in the Cayman Islands, Wylder experienced a genuine Caribbean lifestyle filled with early morning fishing, adventures in the mangroves, and carefree days of playing soccer without needing shoes. However, amidst the simplicity and exotic pleasures, he also felt isolated living in a small town on a small island. This isolation would fuel his passion for music, and when his family eventually relocated to Victoria, British Columbia, the spark inside Wylder would start burning brighter and brighter.

Wylder’s standout release “Horseplay,” the third track of his equally standout EP “King of My Own Heart,” is an endearing recollection of simpler times spent horsing around with his brothers. Over instrumentals that are a unique blend of indie folk infused with modern folk sensibilities and a hint of acoustic pop, Wylder takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Lyrics like “Oh we’re just bored, we wanna horseplay” and “Can we go outside” are followed up with exultant and carefree “Woohoos,” evoking the exhilaration we all felt when we were younger. With “Horseplay,” Wylder invites us to forget our worries and remember the joy we felt from simple pleasures, a lesson we can carry with us today.

Aaron Wylder’s “Horseplay” is an exhilarating journey to his childhood that captures the essence of his adventurous spirit and the bond he shares with his brothers. His endearing and uplifting performance will make this release one for the books. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Aaron Wylder’s “Horseplay,” available now on all streaming platforms, and check out his new EP “King of My Own Heart,” also available now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Aaron Wylder! We loved "Horseplay," what a beautiful premise for a release! How did you first come up with the idea for this release? Could you take us through your creative process for it?

Thank you for the kind words. Horseplay is about my brothers and I. The three of us were a serious handful, so I knew the song had to be fast and fun. This song started as a fun jam I would play at shows. Now it's up there as one of the better songs I think I've written. It definitely stands out as one of my favorites from this EP, The King Of My Own Heart.

What does music mean to you, and what's been your favorite part about being able to release your own music?

Most musicians will tell you the same thing. For songwriters, it's an essential part of our identities as humans. Music is exactly this to me. I think I get a great deal of satisfaction out of writing and releasing music. The whole process drives me; it is so fulfilling.

Your EP "King of My Own Heart" dropped recently, right? What was your favorite part about bringing the vision for that EP to life, and other than "Horseplay," which release were you especially excited to share with listeners?

I'm really proud of all four of the tracks. They have all their rhymes and reasons for being written. I think lyrically, the songs are very direct, so the messages are also more clear than my previous songs. I think just playing these songs live has been the best part about bringing them to life.

If your listeners could take one thing away from your music, what would you want it to be?

Live your life to the fullest and pursue what makes you happy.

What's next for Aaron Wylder? Can we expect more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I am always writing and working on new things. I think you can expect to hear a new song in the next six months for sure. Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with shows and other fun stuff! @aaron_wylder


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