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Abbie and The Roses Seek Hope Within Their Latest Single, "Atmosphere"

The London-based 3-piece Abbie and The Roses stir our souls with their latest heartfelt piano ballad, "Atmosphere." Consisting of vocalist Abbie Rose, guitarist Nick Crowe, and backing vocalist Maeve Brennan, the trio is ready to experience what 2021 has in store.

Abbie and The Roses are best known for their expansive sound, personal songwriting, and raw honesty that's difficult to come by nowadays. Heading into 2021 with positive energy, Abbie and The Roses are eager to hit the stage as soon as they can while delivering new and engaging songs for listeners to relish.

Recently releasing their third studio single, "Atmosphere," Abbie and The Roses designed this piece around the dreaded year of 2020 and the turmoil it brought globally. Giving listeners a sliver of bliss through this delicate and emotional single, Abbie and The Roses keep us hooked on the song's profound lyrical message that strikes a chord near the heart.

Jumping into the single, "Atmosphere," the piece opens with soft piano melodies and Abbie Rose's softly filtered and ethereal vocals singing us into bliss. Once broad and melodic harmonies make their appearance, Abbie Rose takes the spotlight and vocalizes the emotions of missing someone dearly while asking the questions that linger in one's mind after a separation.

Moving deeper into the single, we're absolutely captivated by the delicacy and raw emotion that Abbie and The Roses have fueled into this emotional and striking piece, as each melancholy and reflective melody keeps us locked into the soothing "Atmosphere."

Ending the piece off with a sense of empowerment through the addition of Nick Crowe's haunting guitar melodies and Maeve Brennan's warm background vocals, we're truly locked into the daydream that is "Atmosphere." Make sure to check out the single and experience all the raw and relatable emotions for yourself.

Hello Abbie and The Roses, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your third studio release, "Atmosphere." What inspired your group to create such an emotional and universal piece?

Thank you! An independent filmmaker in LA reached out and asked us if we had any music for their new movie Evie Rose, it’s a heartfelt story about a relationship between a young girl and an old lady. Abbie had been toying with the idea of writing a song about loss for a while so we sat down with our good pal writer & producer Toby Horton and Atmosphere was born!

Speaking on your creative and recording process for "Atmosphere," how did the three of you go about creating the instrumentals to offer this serene sense of emotion?

We felt this song would suit a piano-driven vibe which is how we began constructing the song. Then it was about building more emotion as the song developed with acoustic and electric guitar and some ambient pad stuff. Vocals are a big part of our sound so we then layered the backing vocals/harmonies to create that space-like feel.

Could you take us through your songwriting process for "Atmosphere?" How were you able to write such vulnerable yet relatable lyricism?

As we’ve all dealt with loss and the pain of losing a loved one or missing someone we care deeply for, each of us was able to tap into those emotions quite easily. The lyrics are genuine to us and our experiences combined but they’re still relatable & comforting to anyone suffering from those feelings too.

Would you say that soothing and emotional singles like "Atmosphere" are a staple for your group?

We definitely try to keep our writing as honest and sincere as possible. We prefer not to be limited to a certain writing style but you can always count on our songs to be a true reflection of our current or past experiences.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the last year? What can we expect to see next from you in 2021?

We have actually used this time wisely, nick has taught himself a bit in production and we’ve taken a lot of time to write and create new music. It felt like it came at sort of a good time for us to re-evaluate our sound & direction and give ourselves time to breathe and refocus! We have new music coming throughout this year and we are hoping to be back on stages as early as it’s safe to do so! Our next song will be out in Feb this year!



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