Abbreviations Debuts With a Compelling Record Sure to Get Your Thoughts Spinning

American rock band Abbreviations hails from Dallas, Texas. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Ashley Leer, guitarist Matt Leer, bassist Chad Walls, and drummer Tony Wann, Abbreviations is a band that no one describes similarly.

Before joining Abbreviations, all the members had all performed in plenty of other Denton/Dallas area bands. Now, as a band that delves into sounds of rock, pop, and alternative, this supergroup pushes the envelope as they deliver their genre-bending sound.

The deep essence of their latest single “Turn on You,” thrives in a realm of the rhythm-driven soul that speaks into your mind. The instrumentation sways between slow to mid-tempo atmospheres that are propelled by the tight-knit arrangements accompanying the comforting ambiance they have set in place.

Tony Wann’s drum patterns have us tapping our fingers and toes to the beat, all, while Ashley Leer’s ethereal vocalization cascades through a simplistic musicality that reinforces the strength in a less, is more mindset. Honing in on the various layers of Matt Leer’s opulent guitar riffs, and the bolstered bassline of Chad Walls navigating “Turn on You,” there’s a soothing quintessence that makes itself known as you take in the dream-like escapades unraveling before you.

With few words that grace the songwriting aspect of this record, we appreciate the value of proper timing and spatial cues that are enhanced through lyrical motifs such as, ‘I want you to want me too.’ There’s an eloquent offering that comes across in the brilliant execution heard in this single, and we can’t help but hear the array of musical influences that speak into Abbreviations’ artistic virtuoso.

While solidifying themselves in a lane that redefines what you think you know about music, Abbreviations takes it to the next level with the intricate fashioning of “Turn on You.”

Congratulations on the release of your most recent track, “Turn on You.” With such an entrancing, and almost psychedelic-like state that comes across in this sonic direction of this record, was there anything in particular that inspired this approach?

I wrote this song a while back after a band I was in called Record Hop, broke up. Record Hop was this pretty loud and kind of angular rock band so this was definitely a shift. I was really just wanting to write stuff that was a little softer, a little poppier. I’ve been kind of just waiting for the right project for this song and I think Abbreviations is definitely that.

With few lyrics to the songwriting aspect, you still manage to truly make the composition feel full in an organic manner. What do the words that we do hear mean to the messaging of “Turn on You?"

"Turn On You," is basically a breakup song and a love song. It’s about having feelings for someone other than the one you’re with and feeling guilty for it. Like you’ve turned on someone.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process entailed for this single release?

This song was all written in probably an hour or so, so it went pretty easy. Sometimes when I’m writing vocal parts I’ll write it on guitar first and then sing it. In this case, I thought the guitar was perfect on the chorus so I just kept that. The way the notes sort of slide into one another. No need to complicate it. Yeah, I wish all songs were this easy to write.

Being your debut single, what statement does this record make when it comes to reflecting who Abbreviations is as a band?

I think Abbreviations are a true representation of the music we like or the music we like to play. We never go into a song like “ok, let’s sound like this band or this song”. Individually, we have a certain way we play and a certain style in which we play because of the music we like. It’s like, let’s just put 4 of those styles together and see what comes out. It really shows in this album because all the songs are very different. Turn on You is one of the softer songs on the album. Can’t wait to put the rest out for the full picture you know.

What is your mission statement as a band?

We don’t really have a mission statement. The truth is, the statement is the music itself. We’re really just pretty normal people who crave the creative outlet, a place to have total creative freedom.

Do you have any other releases lined up for the summer season?

We have a couple more singles coming out and then a full-length record in the Fall.