Abby Carey Shines Like "Diamonds" in Latest Single

LA-based singer/songwriter Abby Carey is ready to shine a spotlight on her alternative/pop-inspired sound. Extracting influence from the experiences of others around her, including her own, she writes heartfelt and thought-provoking songs that stimulate a ton of emotions to come out in listeners. She's a sweet-sounding artist that has a ton to share with her audience, and she starts with the release of "Diamonds."

"Diamonds" is a song of Abby Carey's that is perplexing in its own element. The production is flavourful, bringing in so many varying components from the alternative and pop music genre. First, listeners will hear the harmonious vocals of Abby Carey. Second, listeners may need to prepare for the feels that ensue. Her voice is genuine, soft, powerful, and soothing all at once.

Imagine the emotions that follow upon hearing a soulful voice as such. The dominant style that Abby Carey provides in "Diamonds" hones more into a tone similar to that of Alessia Cara, King the Princess, and Olivia Rodrigo. There's a similar alternative, glamorous, nonchalant, passive regard that gets put forth in the vocal delivery, and yet that pure calmness in their approaches is what elevates their sound in the end.

"Diamonds" encapsulates a narrative that screams living in the moment due to the unknowingness of what is next to come. Abby Carey crafts a song here that is extremely relatable and that contains many lines listeners could potentially deeply resonate with. Abby Carey, your style and story are infectious. What on earth do you have in store for us next?

Welcome to BuzzMusic Abby Carey, and congratulations on releasing "Diamonds," Abby Carey! How has the response been for your single thus far? Is it the kind of response you had expected?

Thank you so much! The response has been great. "Diamonds" is a lot different from my first single so I’m happy to see that people are open to it. Single 3 is going to be another genre departure so I’m hoping that goes as well as this has.

How were you hoping your listeners would relate to "Diamonds," considering the lyrical content included in the track?

"Diamonds" was written about a lot of different things and it can be interpreted a few different ways. It’s essentially a song about feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and uncertainty. I wrote the chorus about struggling with OCD and how hopeless that can feel at times. The verses are based around the visual of “diamonds and dust” and what that could mean. I had fun combining the two ideas.

As a passionate songwriter, how were you approaching the theme and storyline presented in "Diamonds?" How are you working to ensure your message as an artist gets put forth in your music?

My goal as an artist at this point in time is to explore messy, honest topics through different subsets of pop. I’ve always enjoyed more specific verses and broader choruses so that’s what I did with "Diamonds." It’s important to me to have somebody be able to listen to a song and relate it to whatever they’re going through, hence a chorus that could mean a few different things.

Are there any components to your overall artistry that you feel set you apart from other artists within the alt/pop music scene?

I really enjoy jumping between genres. We don’t consume music from just one genre so I don’t see why we should have to create music in just one genre. My first single, Yours, was very much a singer-songwriter pop song. "Diamonds" is a more experimental, jazzy, electronic pop song. I’ve got some nine-inch nails inspired music coming up as well as some pop-punk songs. The goal is to have my melodic and lyrical voice remain consistent throughout. I don’t want to be totally random, I just want to keep things interesting.

What's next?

So. Many. Songs. It’s hard to keep track of everything I’m working on but single #3 should be out in the next few months and I can’t wait for it. There will be live shows and, as always, enough cat photos to last a lifetime.