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Abi Mia Unleashes Impactful Honesty in Single, "Shadow"

Abi Mia is a London-based singer/songwriter that works to uplift and empowers her audience with a pop-inspired sound. She packs emotionally stirring lyrics into soulful deliveries, and her debut single, "Shadow," gives listeners a pretty good idea of what this artist is truly able to accomplish.

"Shadow" contains a beautiful piano introduction that is soon filled with Abi Mia's deep, emotional vocals. Her vocal pitch is extremely varied throughout the duration of the song, and it's the chorus that shows a great representation of her true vocal capabilities.

"Shadow" is meant to portray the narrative of putting yourself first amidst feeling otherwise in order to avoid burnout. Abi Mia explores the depths of burnout and how it can lead to becoming a "shadow" of your former self.

Abi Mia writes "Shadow," based on personal experiences, and writes an affecting song in order to convey the advice and wisdom she's starting to take on herself. With an emotionally inspiring story, Abi Mia awakens her own veracity and helps others explore theirs when it comes to self-love.

We're simply left encouraged by Abi Mia's anecdotal narrative and we can't wait to see what kind of wisdom she will share next with future music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Abi Mia, and congratulations on the release of your single, "Shadow!" As an emerging artist, how does it feel to finally get this song of yours out to your listeners? How were you hoping your listeners would react and feel upon listening?

Thank you! I am very excited to be sharing 'Shadow with my listeners! It is always a great feeling to release a new track after so much hard work has gone into it! Each time I release a song it is a chance to connect with others and I love that about music. As with all the music I love when my listeners enjoy the track, the vocal delivery, connect with the message, and then feel whatever they feel while listening! Each person takes something different away from a song but I hope this song reminds people to put themselves first sometimes and to make sure they still have their own identity as well as being someone else's sister, son, partner, etc. Can you elaborate more on the story you shared within "Shadow" and how you came to the realization that you had to put yourself first?

Of course! Shadow wasn't written specifically about myself or anyone person but was inspired by seeing a general trend of people finding it hard to put themselves first in a world where there is so much responsibility and pressure to be successful and productive all the time. Over the years I have seen friends and family working hard to help others and putting themselves last at the detriment of their health and identity and it is so important to keep hold of who we are. I can also relate to this as someone who really does enjoy feeling useful, being helpful, and getting things done, but I did realize over the past couple of years especially that if I don't put myself first and look after myself no one else will! We are no use to anyone burnt out, and putting ourselves first sometimes is not selfish - it is self-care! We need to pace ourselves and keep who we are whilst helping others, this will benefit everyone! What new/fresh components did you bring into "Shadow," unlike your previous releases?

For "shadow" we used live strings and layered harmonies to create that Orchestral, atmospheric vibe that suited the more emotional style of this track. The production in general was also more simple than the previous track 'Good Intentions' as we wanted the main focus to be on the vocals and message of the song. Sometimes less is more!

How are you hoping to transform the pop genre, especially with the release of "Shadow?"

I am not really looking to transform anything in particular. All I am looking to do with my music is to stay true to who I am as an artist and person and be the best 'Abi Mia' there is. I feel a lot of music nowadays falls between genres and I feel sometimes putting music into boxes can limit one! I just want to write and sing how I feel works best for me and for that individual song and reach people through the relatable messages and emotions in my music.

What's next for you?

I will be releasing many more singles and I am looking to do a lot more live performances now that things are opening up again! I have many aspirations as an artist but I am trying to stay grounded, open to new opportunities, and put in that day-to-day work to build a strong base with which to work in the future!

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