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Abigail Osborn Has Us Feeling The Cool Breeze Of The Wind In Our Hair With, "Drive All Night"

By combining honest storytelling with dreamy Pop melodies, Abigail Osborn creates the perfect coming-of-age soundtrack. With influences stemming from Maggie Rogers and Lennon Stella to Sasha Sloan and the Japanese House, she leaves you with melodic Indie-Pop that is sure to stay stuck in your head.

Introducing her luscious debut single and music video for “Drive All Night,” Abigail Osborn marks this song as the debut release of a highly anticipated string of thoughtful singles in her collection. With a starry-eyed persuasion in her vocal tone, Abigail Osborn delves into the raw emotion radiating from her inviting soul. “Drive All Night” embraces a cinematic approach that treats the captivating visuals as an Indie short film.

Late-night imagery depicting a comforting grip in the emotion shed has us fixated on street lights, laughs, and a vintage red vehicle. Very much playing into the alluring lyrical content that Abigail Osborn Heavenly vocalizes, we go on a nighttime adventure with the windows rolled down and a feeling of safety. Performing a medley of striking harmonies, the visuals keep us on our toes with quick cut scenes developing a storyline.

Abigail Osborn truly shines a light on the tender innocence that commences a relationship as it progresses through its phases. Giving her audience a feeling of butterflies, Abigail Osborn has us all tapped into our hopeless romantic tenors as we fall in love with her performance both sonically and visually in “Drive All Night.”

Congratulations on the release of the music video for, “Drive All Night.” What inspired the creative direction behind the music for this song?

Thank you! I am so excited to get to chat with you about it. The creative direction for this music all came together in such a fluid way, it was so fun to be able to watch it develop into what it is now. I wanted to make something that all together, visually and musically, "felt" like the words I'm singing. The feeling of reconnecting with old summer love, and jumping back in headfirst. The feeling of being a little bit reckless - where you just open your arms wide and don't hold anything back. Along with that, I think everyone can relate to the feeling of driving down the freeway with the windows down and music up loud, sitting beside your favorite person, being one of the most freeing kinds of feelings ever. I knew that's what I wanted to capture in this song. As I was writing it, I immediately saw all the visuals fall into place. I knew I had to find an old school car and bring the song to life visually just as it had come to life musically. I brought it to my producer, Julian Dente, as nothing but a guitar/vocal demo, and he helped fill it out and built the whole world around it that it now lives in. He couldn't have been any more spot on with the way that he brought it to life.

Could you please take us into what this song means to you? Who inspired the lyrical content that you beautifully sing?

There's someone specific that I always go for drives with when I visit home. We have some history, and we always seem to pick right back up where we left off every time I'm back. I always get this feeling when I'm with them that I don't ever want the night to end. We have the same music taste and know all the same words to all the same songs. Sitting in the passenger seat next to them feels like being in high school again - in a good way. I think this song specifically is not so much about a who as it is a familiar feeling. When I wrote it, I had just got back to Nashville from a trip home and was still riding a high from that feeling. I took this idea into the room with my co-writer Regan Rousseau, and she immediately knew the feeling I was referring to when I started talking. From there it was almost like the song wrote itself. I think it captures the nostalgic, young love sentiment in a really honest way.

What was it like filming your music video in this style? Are there any memorable stories from the set that you want to share?

Filming a video while driving quite fast down main roads wasn't necessarily the simplest thing to ask of someone. Thankfully my friend/videographer Ty Combs took on the challenge without any hesitation. We had another friend come along and drive beside us in a separate car, while Ty got shots of us from the passenger window. I can't speak for Ty, but I think the most difficult shot to capture from the whole video was the one in the tunnel. It didn't stretch very far, so we had to keep circling back around again and again to get the shot we wanted. The car didn't have power steering, so whipping it around wasn't necessarily easy either. Thankful to have such champs as friends who were down to go through all the hassle to make some cool art. We had the best time driving all around town, blasting music (and sneaking into baseball fields after hours). Shh.

With “Drive All Night,” being the first of many singles to come, is this a representation of the styles and emotions that will be touched on?

I would say Drive All Night does a great job at setting the scene for all that's to come. I think late teens/early twenties is a really emotional time for a lot of people. Everyone is growing/changing, losing friends and making new ones, breaking hearts, and learning a lot. Those are all things that are really relevant to me currently, and just what keeps coming out when I sit down to write. I want to be able to share my experiences of growing up and navigating all of those feelings/emotions in the best way possible. All the songs I'm sitting on feel really real and raw, and each lives in its own separate world that is different from the next, yet somehow cohesive.

What can we expect to see next?

I can hardly hold in how excited I am for what comes after this. I am going to release more music this year than I ever thought possible. In my head, each song has a very visual component tied to it - and I'm having so much fun coming up with and bringing to life all the different visuals alongside each song. Without giving too much away, I think it's worth sticking around at least a little bit longer to see what I've got up my sleeves. This is just the beginning.

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