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Abiss The Lyricist Is Bringing Back Feel-Good Music With Her New Release, “Superstarr”

Abiss TheLyricist is an MC, B-girl, and songwriter who doesn’t take no for an answer. Abiss is one of those lyricists who doesn’t see an ending in the culture of hip-hop. A true b-girl from the Hartbeat. She is the CEO/President of Soul Accession Ent. Publishing Company and Blazed-Up Records. She is really no stranger to the ups and downs of the industry. Abiss debut album "Apologies Not Accepted" is still rocking heads in the underground arena.

After a string of countless releases, Abiss TheLyricist is currently working on her 4th studio project. This project holds an incredible fusion of style and creativity. Being a mother has influenced her style and essence in the booth as well as on the stage. Abiss creates incredible energy.

Dancing isn’t the only field where Abiss has all the right moves in! Music seems to be her alleyway, and the messages she promotes seems to be her niche. The release of her record “Superstarr” promoted the idea of spreading love and being whoever you want to be in life. I loved this because it took us back into a time where hip-hop actually discussed positivity and created lyrics with substantial meaning. For this reason, I embraced “Superstarr” and appreciated the motive of the track. “Superstarr” not only had encouraging morals to it, but the record also had an undeniable magnetic force to the beat that gets its listener dancing. Who doesn’t love a good jam with a good meaning? Abiss TheLyricist brings real, feel-good music back with “Superstarr” and it’s much needed in this current cycle of hip-hop. No telling what this young superstar has up her sleeve as she continues to rock the house with not only her breaking moves but her sensational sounds!

Listen to "Superstarr" here and keep scrolling for more content with Abiss TheLyricist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Abiss TheLyricist! How has your background in dance, impacted your artistry in hip-hop?

"Movement, dance or breakin is one of the original elements in hip-hop. The DJ plays the break beat or beat so that the dancers can rock. And still today, the emcee is telling you to rock, break, two step or dougie. Still the same format. Dancing shows that you are inspired by the beat, emcee and entire song as a whole. That same beat is whats inspires me put lyrics to it. And invoke a new feeling.

Who are some of your musical inspirations and influences?

Artist like Michael Jackson, Nas, Chaka Khan, Rakim Allah, Queen Latifah, Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Chuck D, Jay Z, MC Lyte, Tupac & Notorious BIG, just to name a few and not in that ordered. In what ways have they inspired you essentially? There ability to write or produce music that is timeless. That has always been my focus.

Let’s talk about your debut album, “Apologies Not Accepted”. What’s the main theme surrounding this project?

That album was to all of those that didn't believe in me as an artist and business person. Were you able to discover your niche in music with this album? My niche was to just to continue to push myself to be a better emcee and performer every time the opportunity is presented.

Out of all your albums and EP’s so far, which do you believe best represents you as an artist?

Its actually hard for me to pick because each album holds its own place. Each album represented me in that moment and time.

What’s next for you Abiss TheLyricist?

Working on this new project. Focusing on collaborating more and continue to bring this authentic sound that I have. I am open to reasonable suggestions but not gimmicks and foolishness. My label Blazed Up Records are working with the artist General P and Pop-Lodi. They are concluding projects at this moment and time. We are always looking for talent to work with.


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