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Absorb the Essence of Tonne Desai with "Replay," Next in the Queue

Nashville singer-songwriter Tonne Desai has been singing since the tender age of nine. Leaving New England to pursue music Tonne Desai continues to persevere through the hardships placed in the industry as he continues to solidify his sound.

Celebrating wins such as being a finalist in multiple international songwriting contests and getting his first 5,000 streams, has been a major contributing factor to the way that he carries himself to the top.

Buoyantly bringing forth the simmering ambiance of his most recent single “Replay,” Tonne Desai has us copiously absorbed in the rhythmic universe he reiterates in his tale of a love that ran its course. Enticing his audience with an unforgettable tropical pop vibrations emitted in this song's instrumentation, the emphasis is placed on the effervescent framework that fortifies the passion-filled vocalization of Tonne Desai’s grippingly raw performance.

You can hear the meaning that backs his striking lyrical motifs as he serves up an impeccable balance of sentiment and musicality. Words such as “I want you back and you told me that love’s a movie,” practically jump out at us as we can all place ourselves in his shoes at one time or another in our lives. Being emotionally connected to “Replay,” has us swimming in the currents of Tonne Desai’s opulent timbres. He has a knack for bringing his soundscape to the foreground as the lyrics he paints on his sonic canvas glide in a swift motion.

Tonne Desai is witty, authentic, and has us eating out of the palm of his hand as we naturally reach for the replay button in order to take this poignant melody in once more.

Hello Tonne Desai and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love your latest single “Replay.” Where did the inspiration for this song stem from?

The inspiration stems from a really good friendship that I had that ended not so good. Over time we both were drawn back to one another and we both asked ourselves if we wanted to restart or press replay on our friendship and try again.

You’ve been creating music for quite some time now. Could you please share with us some noticeable differences in yourself as an artist from your first release to now?

When I first released music I didn't really know what kind of artist or even what kind of music I wanted to put out. I was still trying to understand my voice, my writing style, and ultimately where I could fit in this industry. Now, I know who I am as an artist, and I've grown so much. I know the kind of music I want to make and I know the type of audience I want to draw in. I use to be scared of what people thought of my music but now I'm fearless.

How do the smooth and uplifting vibrations of “Replay,” compare to other songs in your music catalog?

I think for Replay they act as the lightning coursing through the audience's heart and memory of that person who they would wanna ask the question " So Press forward or are you gonna Replay". The smooth and uplifting vibrations act as the bed for the audience to lay down in and really think about the person they love while having a good time doing it! In my other songs I always just focused on the hook to bring the audience in but for replay, it's the hook and those smooth and uplifting vibrations that do the job and I love that.

In terms of the theme and messaging what would you like your audience to take away from “Replay?"

What I would want my audience to take away is that a person sometimes has to exit your life temporarily for you to recognize that you actually love them. I want Replay to show them that sometimes a restart is actually what you need in order to have what was meant to be.

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