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Abstract Creations With A Sentimental Message Come To Life In Gianluca Todisco's, "BRUTE"

Always showing his burning love and hunger for the arts, Gianluca Todisco is an independent artist hailing from Los Angeles, California.

Originally from Italy, at a young age, every object became a microphone to sing into and every space became a stage to perform upon.

His most recent single, “BRUTE,” is a meaningful narrative that is written, composed, and produced by Gianluca Todisco, himself.

With “BRUTE,” being a passion-fueled song with an unmatched music video to accompany, Gianluca Todisco makes a statement with this captivating release as he sends out a prevailing message to make a difference in the world we live in.

With the mesmerizing, up-tempo dance ambiance that the instrumentation radiates, “BRUTE,” carries substantial grooves crossing the line of vintage 80’s nostalgia. With the enticing elements of the composition swaying into the potent messaging that Gianluca Todisco exudes in his vocal performance, we are easily pulled into this track as we become fixated upon each element shining in the execution.

“BRUTE,” holds a special place in the creative heart of Gianluca Todisco as he chooses to address the different kinds of racism, discrimination, and bullying that lead us to question our own mentalities in life. “BRUTE,” praises the toxic aspects that society considers outside normality. The diversity in the outside the box mentality makes us all unique as individuals.

The abstract delivery of the music video for “BRUTE,” captures black and white images filmed by Luca Marincione and Marincione Ph. A psychedelic approach for the visuals incorporates hypnotizing video art and fashion components. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion, the styled creations in this video are designed by the multi-talented Gianluca Todisco.

Through the smooth cadences that Gianluca Todisco offers in this exponential creative vessel, he believes that building bridges between various horizons will allow people to feel free as a more authentic version of themselves. The intoxicating movement that is Gianluca Todisco sends a surge of innovative reality to the inspiration he provides listeners.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gianluca Todisco! Congratulations on the release of, “BRUTE.” The vibrant performance you exude is outstanding. What moment in life inspired the creation of this record?

"BRUTE" has a special meaning for me, because it came to life like a process, the process of my personal growth. I think that each one of us processes some events that make us realize and be conscious of who we really are. The song is the affirmation to accept who we really are, a message for all the people that maybe are not able to do it in this particular moment. It faces different kinds of racism, discrimination, and bullying about all the differences between each of us: physical aspects that may lead to food disorder, different color of the skin, people own sexual orientation/choice.

Especially in these difficult times, I think we need to build bridges between different horizons.

‘BRUTE’ praises the “bad aspects” that the society considers outside normality, outside of the box, but all of this it’s only the diversity that makes us unique. I want people to be inspired by this song. I want people to be free to be who they really are, accept their true essence, and from there, start to create a new reality.

What was the creative process like when fashioning the music video for “BRUTE”? Did the vision come to life the way you anticipated?

Oh, I had so much fun! Looking for the best outfits, designing-creating the masks and the graphics were totally part of the creative process. The vision of the music video came to life while I was composing the song, I couldn't "see" the song in a different way, with different colors or different textures. It was a mix of different fashion styles, from the Italian classic with the "Borsalino hat mood", to psychedelic fragments, parts where I can decode the total essence of the song.

Being a multi-talented artist, how is the process different when tackling all aspects of the production versus working with other creatives?

Thank you for these kind words! Well, I produce my own productions, so I am totally involved in the creative process, but I really believe that different eyes, different perceptions can give you interesting elements to create an excellent project, so I am always open to that!

I am very lucky because my videographer Luca Marincione x Marincione Ph totally gets my visions, my script of the visuals in a natural way. He's really intuitive and professional so we always follow our guts.

What has been your biggest takeaway from 2020?

What an unusual year! It actually made me appreciate all the little things in life that before this pandemic was "normal", like enjoying a great walk in the park, hugging people, seeing all the beautiful smiles/expressions, we all have under these masks. Now I realized all those things weren't so obvious. Also, I learned to be flexible because nothing is perfect and try to enjoy everything and every situation with a different taste.

What are some goals that you have for your music going into the new year?

Definitely, I wanna try new things, experiment with new sounds. Keep on listening to everything that surrounds me, because of the rumors of the city, people talking, the sound of nature. Everything can become an inspiration, new rhythms, melodies for a song.

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