Abstract Creations With A Sentimental Message Come To Life In Gianluca Todisco's, "BRUTE"

Always showing his burning love and hunger for the arts, Gianluca Todisco is an independent artist hailing from Los Angeles, California.

Originally from Italy, at a young age, every object became a microphone to sing into and every space became a stage to perform upon.

His most recent single, “BRUTE,” is a meaningful narrative that is written, composed, and produced by Gianluca Todisco, himself.

With “BRUTE,” being a passion-fueled song with an unmatched music video to accompany, Gianluca Todisco makes a statement with this captivating release as he sends out a prevailing message to make a difference in the world we live in.

With the mesmerizing, up-tempo dance ambiance that the instrumentation radiates, “BRUTE,” carries substantial grooves crossing the line of vintage 80’s nostalgia. With the enticing elements of the composition swaying into the potent messaging that Gianluca Todisco exudes in his vocal performance, we are easily pulled into this track as we become fixated upon each element shining in the execution.

“BRUTE,” holds a special place in the creative heart of Gianluca Todisco as he chooses to address the different kinds of racism, discrimination, and bullying that lead us to question our own mentalities in life. “BRUTE,” praises the toxic aspects that society considers outside normality. The diversity in the outside the box mentality makes us all unique as individuals.