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Accelerate Your Heartbeat With Visitor in Ramped-Up Single "Overthinker"

Alt/Rock band Visitor consists of members Randy Gray, Steve Dombroski, Dustin Buckley, and Billy Pierce. Each member brings a layer of sound to the band that is ultimately eccentric. Once the intrinsic qualities of each artist come together, the product is an undeniable eclectic rock style. Throughout all of Visitor's tracks, there is a manifested electric and diversified melody, which is the primary factor in their music. All members of Visitor gravitate towards the music scene; knowing that music was a buzzing passion for each holds them together as artists. Visitor produces a gritty and industrialized sound in their music.  When Visitor creates a song, they consider each melody, each feeling, each emotion extracted from that song, and puts it together layer by layer. Visitor offers a dynamic listening experience, and we're right there alongside them, ready for whatever it is they offer next.

Visitor's latest single "Overthinker" doesn't compromise on energy. The band successfully maintains a riveting and vigilant intensity throughout the song. These qualities surface through electric guitar combined with the rhythm of drums. Visitor ensures a lively experience with "Overthinker" with all of the alt/rock characteristics on full display. "Overthinker" houses a creative force that listeners can easily appreciate. The song is a high-intensity, yet soft-execution song that will pique your senses and curiosity.

Discover "Overthinker" by Visitor here.



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