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Accomplish Your Greatest Dreams With “Be My", New Single By Airs Harris

Airs Harris is a Harlem based Hip-Hop artist whose musical inspirations range from icons like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston, to modern icons such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Diddy. Since graduating college, Airs Harris has created the platform Airs Entertainment to help support creators and their movements by exposing them to influences and larger audiences to help propel their social reach.

Showing off his own artistry again, Airs Harris just released a brand new single “Be My” and we are loving every bit of the vibes going on here. It is full of hype, attitude, charm, love, and honesty.

While listening to “Be My” we were full of power and the fill to go out and accomplish all of our greatest dreams. “Be My” features an evolving trappy drum groove that dynamically evolves from each section of being blown up and exciting to more lo-fi and vibey, modern synth swells that wash over our heads, characteristic vocal adlibs that are tastefully effected with vocoders, and then Airs Harris’ perfectly raspy and upfront vocals that tell us about making what you want yours.

It is clear to hear how much effort Airs Harris put into the creation of this one and we cannot wait to hear what will be coming next from him.

What was the inspiration behind coming up with the instrumentation of "Be My"? Do you find yourself coming up with the beat after the lyrics?

I actually came up with the lyrics after working on creating the beat. I went to my producer's studio (IAmPBJ) because I was feeling creative and we starting working on that beat just feeling the vibes. After hearing it for a couple of minutes words and a concept began to pop up in my head which then manifested into “Be My”.

Speaking of the lyrics, they made us want to get up and chase our dreams. What do the words mean to you? What made you want to write about making something yours?

The lyrics are genuine and real. It's me opening up about giving a girl my all in a relationship telling her we could do any and everything we want together, but she been sleeping on a real one.

With some of your influences being both nostalgic and modern icons, what about each of these artists makes them influence you? How do you put your own spin on your musical influences?

I love J Cole, Big Sean, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. People who leave messages in their music, keep it real, actually have something to say with a clever spin on wordplay, with various flows and melodies to keep a listener tuned in, having the music resonate with them in some way.  

Now that you have released “Be My”, what types of future goals do you have for your upcoming releases? What about yourself as an artist? What are some steps you have in place to help you achieve your goals?

I plan to drop more visuals for upcoming releases. I have a 5 track EP in the works to showcase my skills as an artist. Be My reached close to 50,000 streams in about 4 weeks so the goal is to beat that with next single release. To achieve this I have been focusing on my own individual sound as an artist, and building up my personal brand to connect and reach more people. 

Do you have any other plans for 2020?

You can definitely expect a couple of music videos before the end of the year!


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