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Ace Wild Is The Next Big Thing With “To The Grave”

Ace Wild been involved in music since his junior high days but surprisingly didn’t do anything vocally. He started off with piano then moved to percussion shortly after. Ace Wild decided to go for an associates degree in business administration but it didn’t play out for him. However, that is when he met his fellow producer/artist Dre Blessed. Dre came up with the name “Ace Wild” and they rolled forward without stopping! They’ve been doing shows, dropping singles and just simply cherishing the moment as creatives. They have a bunch of projects in line for 2019 and their music consists of topics that includes mental diseases, family, personal struggles, and the current generation.

Ace Wild released their single titled “To the Grave” and it begins with an haunting dark introduction, showing signs of an aggressive beat , and preparing their listeners for what’s about to occur. What completely mesmerized us was the crazy insane flow! The flow was at a highly rapid, fast-paced tempo and delivered with an aggressive, and electric punch. A good comparison to give you an idea would be Eminem fused with Busta Rhymez. Although the delivery and tempo are quick, you’re still hooked on the lyrics and the connotation behind it. “To The Grave” is a single with many layers that you can uncover instead of simply just listening. You don’t find yourself captivated by one portion of the song, you find yourself fully absorbed into the music and the presence of Ace Wild is strongly felt while listening to “To The Grave”. Ace Wild is an iconic duo who delivers their music to you with an exciting punch you don’t mind taking!

Check out "To The Grave". Read more with Ace Wild in BuzzMusic's exclusive interview below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself and how you started your career in music?

I've been doing music ever since I was young. I became a drummer throughout junior high and high school, but never thought I would use those skills in the future. What I'm doing now, what I have done so far, and what I will continue to do has always been the dream for me. In mid/late 2017, after dropping out of college, I thought the only thing to do was party. I fell back into alcohol, and on my 19th birthday, I got picked up by the cops on a street corner, blacked out and puking blood. After my hospital visit, word got around to my closest friends, and it carried on to who helped me create myself. Dre came to me, knowing how low my life was, and asked me if I'd like to give music a try. He had a home studio about an hour away from where I lived, and invited me to his house. The first day I was up there, we spent 14 straight hours going through material, beats, old music, new music, etc. We shared our life stories, struggles, dreams, and found out we were more alike than we thought. Dre came up with the name (Ace Wild). He knew it had a double meaning, which led to my first big single "Wild Card". Since the drop of that song, things have been flying forward ever since.

Tell us about “To The Grave” and the meaning behind it?

"To the Grave" was originally supposed to be a beat for our (then album) project "Blood Tears", but we left it alone for a while. At one point in time, Dre restructured the beat with a more complex drum pattern, and the vibe enhanced tremendously. I ended up recording the hook, and we kept it that way for a couple months to get back to it. I had written about 6 different verses for the song, and ended up using bits and pieces to place it all together. The hook stands out to us the most for sure. One of the phrases that holds true meaning is "Coast to Coast I might blow". This refers to our very first performance together, which was on the Coast2Coast Live Tour in Chicago. I don't purposely hold grudges, but the whole set up was misleading, and judged poorly, so it kind of leans on the fact that artists shouldn't rely on "American Idol" style performances that you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get very little amount of time to perform. Aside from the hook, the overall meaning behind this song is that no matter what I display on a track, the lyrics, the attitude, and the way people view us within/outside the industry, it will all go with me until I die, proudly.

Were there any key influences/inspirations for “To The Grave” ?

This track was inspired by a statement that Dre tells me often, which is, "No one is promised tomorrow". Why should anybody have to die leaving something behind? Or regret? Telling people the truth isn't always something somebody wants to hear, but will NEED to hear at some point in time. I made sure to touch on all bases with this influence going from personal situations, to artists currently getting "famous", to people who continuously put us down for not being afraid to be creative. All in all, this track is a big thank you for the supporters, and non-supporters of our voices.

What’s your favorite element about “To The Grave”?

My favorite element of the song is by far the war chant that appears throughout the track. It brings the song a different type of atmosphere, almost like a "going into battle" style, if you will. After (Dre's) intro is the first "Oo-rah", and I believe it sets the track aside from anything we've put out.

What’s next for you?

"To the Grave" is the third single off of my album "UNORTHDOX", which will be coming out in summer of this year. Aside from my album, we'll move on with more singles, we have a couple EP's in the works, albums, other artists joining us in the studio, live performances, and just continuing to build our names.


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