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Achieve Peace Of Mind With SHAYLA The Artist's Latest Release, “Ride”

San Jose’s next R&B star child SHAYLA The Artist, is back with another warmhearted track titled “Ride.”

Learning about writing and recording after being introduced to George Williams (MC Hammer’s synth-bass player in the early 90’s), SHAYLA The Artist describes her recent album as “an all R&B jam with a 90’s vibe, that’ll get you straight to your destination”.

Her lush track “Ride” provides listeners with an expansive and endlessly playable mid-tempo R&B groove. From mild yet effective production creating a warm and bright aura to the song, “Ride” serves an incredibly sophisticated tune for any listener to sit back and relax to.

“Ride” opens with transcendent and uplifting R&B production, creating limitless layers that each speak their truth. With calming electric guitar melodies perfectly supported by the song's opulent atmosphere.

All leading up to the arrival of SHAYLA The Artist’s angelic vocals with dynamic syncopation, create an extremely authentic feel to the textured song. With a variety of drum, rim and snap patterns, “Ride” offers beautifully complex production perfectly transitioning from chorus to verse, creating a genuine and cohesive piece of music. With SHAYLA The Artist’s vibrant background vocals, she’s perfectly executed her finely tuned track, and we’re excited to see what will come next.

Listen to "Ride" from SHAYLA The Artist, here.


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