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Action Doll Joe Doesn't Want You to Go Breaking his, "Paper Heart"

Alternative Rock artist, Action Doll Joe hails from the dusty deserts of California.

Writing story-like lyrics while belting out vocals he has a stylish delivery similar to bands like Relient K, Panic! At the Disco, and Green Day. With a desire to make music that can help people through hard times, Action Doll Joe shares his own experiences through the inspiration he embodies.

Action Doll Joe takes an opportunity to delve into infectious grooves that simmer in a boiling pot of Pop-Rock quintessence with his most recent release of, “Paper Heart.” Emitting a message of heartbreak and the heartache that accompanies such experiences, Action Doll Joe pleads with a friend to stop trying to make romance happen with all the wrong people.

The brilliant metaphor he places forth compares them to a paper valentine that is getting ripped apart by their fruitless endeavor. Exposed to an effervescent environment that packs a punch, Action Doll Joe has listeners swarming in the intoxicating rhythms of this up-tempo anthem.

The melodic expedition that Action Doll Joe presents in, “Paper Heart,” leaves you feeling an innovative sense of victory as you bounce up and down to the mesmerizing trenches of sonic liberation.

“Paper Heart,” has you switching gears as you approach the clarifying script with a fresh mindset. Action Doll Joe manages to exude a vivid image of his lyrical talents as you watch the progression unfold in a triumphant manner. Kicking his 2021 releases off with a signature hit in the realm of Pop-Rock delicacy, we urge Action Doll Joe to keep them coming our way.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when giving this piece life?

Of course! At the time of recording, I still wasn't sure what exactly my "sound" would be; working on this track helped me to pinpoint how I wanted my music to sound. "Paper Heart" had two ideas going into it when I began to record: first, I wanted to create something that was just fun and high energy while retaining my effort to write meaningful lyrics. Second, I also wanted to try some new things when recording my music. I know my first EP was rough around the edges because I am still learning more about production, but I feel as if I got a better grip on it when making this song. I guess the creative process in this case was just me learning to perfect my music and production more.

How long did it take you to create the single that we know as, “Paper Heart”?

This song was an old one that I had written when I first began songwriting, and the first version was pretty clunky. There's also a recorded version of the old "Paper Heart" that I did for the final project of my music production class (I didn't reuse any of the ideas or elements from that recording, though). I thought it would be cool to make a single or two to get my music out to audiences more, so I pulled this one out and fine-tuned it a bit so that I could make a decent song with it. I recorded, mixed, and mastered it within three weeks sometime during June or August of 2020 ( I can't remember exactly when). The process really wasn't that long, and after a few tweaks here and there, I just saved it for this February.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

Oooh, that's a tough one! I am really not sure if there is a specific lyric that I'd say is my favorite since I'm proud of how the song came out in general. Maybe the end of verse one, the part that says "but you glue it back and beg the boys to be mine." I think I like that part the most because of the way the melody flows right there! I am a huge fan of fast-paced verses when a singer can do that well, so this was my attempt at doing the same thing. Also, I feel like it conveys the struggle of the person being sung about pretty well.

With every artist being vastly different from the next, do you happen to have a favorite part of the creative process that you enjoy more than others? Why?

Definitely the recording process! I love writing and figuring out the key and chords, but actually recording the song gives you your first idea of what it will actually sound like. I don't really come into it with any pre-planned parts for the instruments, so I end up just having fun figuring out or ad-libbing each part for the first time. Hearing every instrument click together is so satisfying!

With your musical influences speaking into the music you create, how would you say that you allow them to influence your sound?

I have actually thought about how my influences affect my music before. I've come to realize that the artists I listen to have each taught me something individually. One of my favorite bands, Relient K, influences both the structure and topics of my songwriting, while also having taught me the importance of making things catchy and creative. Panic! at the Disco and I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME both showed me the style of music I prefer and the sounds that I like best (I've even looked at the chord progressions of their songs to see how they get their sound). Starflyer 59 showed me the importance of experimentation in music and making sure your music has a good groove to it. These are some of the ways I've let these bands and artists influence me through the years. They're all so unique with their artistic approaches, so I have tried to be unique just like them.

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