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AD22 Is the Newest Addition to Some of Toronto's R&B Patrons, and You Frankly Won't Want to Miss It

As a new producer of subtle, almost whimsical RnB music, AD22 balances the emotional acuity of his compositions with feelings of mellow embrace and an undertone of darkness. Migration to Canada at an early age and the significant interest he took in music, AD22 has always aimed high when it comes to his aspirations. Now, emerging out of the Toronto Metropolis, he releases "Down For You," a single charting a steady course upwards for this promising artist.

The track opens with subtle yet tasteful sounds of an old vinyl record being spun delicately blended with guitar samples and pads washed in reverb. Floating on a tempo cruising below 100 bpm, the bass, and an 808 inspired boom gives the track a mellow but effective pulse. Bursts of vocal callbacks lathered in delays—one pitched up and whispering, the other a trance-like reflection—dance along the edges of this well-shaped canvas. These sorts of sounds would not feel out of place on a B-Side for some of the top RnB operators on the charts right now. There's plenty of skill on display here. Still, the individual components operate at cross purposes, driving the track to oscillate between inventive exploration into lyricism and dark, mellow vibes. AD22's affinity for giving space to his drum sequences helps dull the impact of the ambient pads that glide in and out of the mix. It's as though he wants to deny a reputation for flashy productions and ear candy while demonstrating that he can engage our emotions on a floaty RnB track. It's an expert and daring move in the right direction, and indeed we're excited to hear what comes next for this talented RnB spotlight contender.

You can listen to "Down For You" here.

Welcome to BussMusic AD22, we're excited to be featuring your first single, "Down For You." Can you describe to us some of the internal challenges you experienced with regards to releasing this track?

Down for you is a sentimental song that talks about loyalty and infatuation. To me, this song was a turning point in the genre of music I’ve felt like I needed to pursue. I discovered myself through its sound and felt confident with the ability to portray its message smoothly. The process of attaining that feeling of confidence in the song and separating myself from the different types of music I wrote in the past was the real challenge. But, I’m proud to have discovered myself more and can’t wait for more singles to come out.

Coming to Toronto at the age of 12 must have been a big move for you. Can you describe some of the influences you tap into when thinking about your life in Canada in contrast to your original birthplace? How do these influences mesh together?

One can never forget where they originally came from, however, Canada is and will always feel like a home to me. I cherish deeply all the memories I made in Egypt since they’ve shaped who I am today, but I owe it to Canada for allowing me to dream big knowing that there are opportunities for people like me to be successful worldwide. There is nothing that I would change about either country since they have both influenced me in a great way. I can’t wait to give back to both of these amazing countries.

What comes first for personally when developing an idea for a track? Is it the lyrics, the emotion you're feeling, or a beat that starts the cooking process?

Usually it’s the beat. I feed off of the vibe and the emotions that it makes me feel. Writing Down For You wasn’t challenging at all. It all flowed seamlessly. The beat inspired my creative process and allowed for me to create the sentimental record that it is.

It's been awesome having you featured here with us! We're eager to hear about what you have planned for the future. Do you have any new releases or lives shows coming up?

A song is a journey in itself, but personally, for me, I start with playing the beat and going with its flow. I write whatever comes to mind and edit the lyrics once I have the idea and the components for the entire song. Some cases I keep the beat and style simple, and in other

cases I prefer adding more elements and experimenting with the sound as far as my creativity takes me.


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