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AD22 Takes Us Into His "Oasis"

Hip-hop/R&B artist AD22 is known for his use of past experiences to fuel his creative processes. Continuously reflected throughout the energy he brings to his music and the messages embedded within, his love for the art keeps growing along with the idea of making music himself.

Touring us through deep and reminiscent grooves that fall into a dark soundscape, “Oasis (Interlude)” has us enthralled by the hypnotic elements present in the music.

Pulsating through our speakers with enticing drum patterns over ambient pads, the sparsity that is played upon by the vocal performance is rather appealing. Pulling you into a narrative that comes off as authentic and custom to AD22, the brilliance within the song’s structure has opened our eyes to the inimitable songwriting techniques before us.

Blending an intimate thesis through the lyrical motifs professed alongside the mesmerizing instrumentation that sweeps you into a state of mind that is reflective, “Oasis (Interlude)” is a record that gives insight into the vulnerability of AD22’s emotions. Created off of a feeling, AD22 is utilizing the scopes of nostalgia, happiness, and love to reimagine the creative realm of calm, mellow, and captivating hues.

Reiterating to the listeners tapped in that their happy place should be a reference point to where their hearts reside for their lives, it’s that positive gusto of AD22 that we admire in abundance.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, AD22, and congratulations on the release of "Oasis (Interlude)." With such a wise concept brought to life in the dark elements presented, what moment inspired this song's creation?

It’s certainly been an adventure navigating through life, just like I imagine it is for everyone else. Prior to the creation of the song itself, I had been reflecting and going through multiple things at once. In order to have been able to keep me grounded, I learned to look at the positive side of circumstances and remind myself not to miss out on the beauty of the present. The moment I found myself in the studio with all these ideas clicking, is when I was able to relay it through my sound. The song continuously affirms the importance of living carefree and the virtue of seizing the time being.

How does it feel to be as vulnerable as you are through your original creations? Do you have boundaries in place as to what you choose to share and what you choose not to?

As an artist, I believe in transparency when it comes to sharing my music with the world. When I create genuine content that I can perfect, I feel connected to my fans on a personal level. My songs are meant to achieve the purpose of entertainment but I also aim to reach the hearts of as many people as I can, and a big reason for that is to make a difference in their mood and outlook on life. I learn as I grow and tackle instances in life and I plan on passing down whatever wisdom and lessons that I acquire along the way. For that, I need to lose boundaries and the courage to admit that vulnerability should be embraced as it makes a person who they are.

What is the main message that you hope your audience can take away from "Oasis (Interlude)?"

The main message that my audience can take away from the song is that there’s always hope in tough situations. One should never give up on a situation and miss out on the opportunity to enjoy their present just because of a temporary obstacle. The message comes with the emphasis that one should take pride in what they stand for and prepare to face uncertainties in life with faith, even though they might feel hesitant. There’s always good that comes out with persistence and optimism.

Where does the majority of your creativity stem from?

I would say alongside life experiences, ambiance plays a big role in letting creativity flow. I’m very observant of my surroundings and nature. I catch myself fixating on certain ideas or things around me that range from color to symmetry as however they may seem minimal, creativity lies within them. So, I try to extract most of my inspiration from all sorts of matter around me. Then, the factor of comfort and ambiance comes into play when I achieve a proper setup and allow all my thoughts to create the art that gets translated into a song when paired with the melody.

What's next for you?

I’m always striving to release more music that my fans can enjoy. Unfortunately, with the circumstances around the world, it’s challenging to guarantee any performances but I am planning to make up for that through visuals and music videos.


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