Adam Fitz Lays His Emotions on the Table with New Beautiful Single, “Can’t Pardon Me”

From Chicago, we are in love with the new beautifully written and sung masterpiece from Adam Fitz, “Can’t Pardon Me”.

The song is peacefully gorgeous and gives you a sense of betterment. Musically, the song is a beautiful fingerpicking guitar work with a tasteful lead on top. The guitar work dances in your ears and is rich in beauty, taking you away to a better place and a wonderful landscape where you can see yourself in a better place as a person. Lyrically, the song is begging of forgiveness and it pulls on your heartstrings. With lyrics such as “please excuse the man I used to be”, you can’t help but feel the pain that has been caused and felt by Adam Fitz. There feels like a sense of remorse for something he has done and can’t forgive himself for it. The delivery is so real, I’m not sure exactly what happened but you can tell that he has had enough time to live with this pain and should probably be pardoned for these mistakes. The song overall is a beautiful piece and the delivery is incredibly honest.

All and all, a wonderful song that can be enjoyed by anyone, especially people who need/ seek forgiveness. We have all been there and it’s a song that can help you through a tough time in your life. Listen to Adam Fitz and his amazing new song “Can’t Pardon Me” today. 

Listen to "Can't Pardon Me" here.