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Adam Gokcebay Released His Addicting Single “Pretty Please”

Adam Gokcebay is a 17 year old from the San Francisco bay area who dropped his hit song titled “Pretty Please” after releasing his first song over the past summer titled Reasons”. “Pretty Please” is a great digestible song for this current upcoming spring break season. Imagine riding down a highway with good friends and good music--enjoying the vibes between you and your favorite people while feeling the good energy from a trendy pop and R&B hit. That’s the aura you feel while listening to “Pretty Please”. Although the record isn’t necessarily a downbeat love bop, the lyricism contained within the song discusses a relationship between two people, however it’s projected in a more light-hearted and up-spirited delivery. It’s also a wonderful song to share with a loved one or that special someone you want to share smiles and moments with. Adam Gokcebay being so young yet so talented and his ability to fabricate a well detailed hit like this is just exemplification of how he’s the next big thing on the rise. His witty lyrics shows off his charismatic character and outgoing personality. You become a fan for not only his song but his authentic propensity to reveal his charming attitude which requires a certain caliber of skill to do with your music. Adam has a nice vocal tone that shows light elements of a rapper in my opinion. I can see him transitioning into the rap genre effortlessly. He can be a unique weapon in the music industry that will break barriers if he allows his multifaceted vibe to translate!

Be sure to give Adam's "Pretty Please" a listen to on Spotify!


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