Adam Pastel’s Debut Release “Fly” Will Make It Hard to Forget What He Is All About

Adam Pastel is a California based 19-year-old singer/songwriter whose music is the combination of hip-hop, R&B, Guatemalan, Turkish, and the icing on the cake Spanish - which so happens to be the Spanish translation for Pastel. We are genuinely excited to announce that we had the opportunity to listen to Adam Pastel’s debut release “FLY” and we love it. “FLY” is an exciting, eclectic hip-hop R&B hybrid of a record that transports you into a vivid painting of Adam’s life. There is a slight sense of remanence here, with the incredibly catchy hook “Show me what I need to remember you,” we got the feeling that Adam had forgotten something that was once loved and wants to experience those emotions again. “FLY” features a thundering west coast style 808 drum kit, moody synth bells that set you up for a great vibe, and of course, Adam’s charming silky smooth vocals that feature the perfect touch of vocoded autotune - to spice things up a little bit. While listening to “FLY,” we couldn’t help but feel like the whole world around us stops, in this trance we were introduced to Adam’s master-crafted rhythmic and melodic ideas that we will be hard-pressed to forget. Adam Pastel promises to use to release more singles in 2020, and we cannot wait to hear what will be next to come.

You can fall in love with “FLY” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Adam Pastel! Congratulations on the release of your debut single! How does it feel to finally have music out? How long have you been waiting for this moment?

It’s pretty surreal. I’ve been sitting on a collection of songs that I made over my winter break with my producer Justice Skolnik. 

Let’s dive into this one! What was the inspiration behind coming up with “FLY”? How do you relate to the lyrics being sung? What is the whole story being told from your perspective?

The meaning of the is pretty interesting. I don’t really think about what I’m gonna write about at first, but after I write it’s easy to see what I was trying to say. What I noticed in my life is that people LOVE to move on from friends, relationships, etc… It is also super tough being the person that has to move on, let alone the person being moved on from. Even though I move on, there’s always that part of me that will be there for them if they ever need me. When I say “I’mma fly… do what I would need just to get to you…” I literally mean that I will do anything to make sure you’re okay, even if it means hopping on a plane from the other side of the country. 

Since recording your first track in high-school, how do you think you have grown as an artist and songwriter since this moment? What are some of the challenges that you have faced along the way?

When I put out my first song I thought I was going to become a rapper. I was in an awkward point from a musical standpoint and didn’t know what my strengths were. Eventually I realized that I could do it all, and that I needed to become comfortable with my abilities. What has always stuck from the beginning is that my lyrics are all about real events, friendships, or relationships that mean or meant the most to me. The biggest struggle for me was going off to college my first semester and not really being able to work on music at all. I held in all my emotions and thoughts, and right when I got home for winter break, I let it all go and made five songs in the span of two weeks. It was all worth it in the end. 

We are excited to hear that you have more singles coming in 2020, how does “FLY” compare to those? Are you diving into new styles for any of those new releases?

I made a song called “Last Summer” which is super experimental in a way. The production and vocals sound like you’re in a dream. That is one I can’t wait to drop at some point. 

Aside from the new music, are there any goals in mind that you are aiming to achieve in 2020?

I just want to continue to bring music to the world that has real meaning. The world is at a point right now where honesty, communication, and support is everything. That is all I can really set up in terms of expectations of myself.