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Adams Traktor Dissects Our "Divided" Society in a Dynamic Single

Artwork by: David Vicente

Grooving his way in from Seattle, Washington, the singer-songwriter and rock artist Adams Traktor releases a conceptual tale with his latest single, "Divided."

Continuously exploring, expanding, and bending various genres that shaped our progressive and modern music, Adams Traktor definitely isn't an act to miss. Gearing up to release his forthcoming debut album, 'Quench,' later this year, Adams Traktor prepares us for the soon-to-be-release project with its fourth released single, "Divided."

Expanding on the single, "Divided," Adams Traktor mentioned that the song speaks upon our similarities, yet our innate drive to divide ourselves from other beings. "We are divided at inception, yet forever bound to the things and people around us. We are entangled by the gravity of our hearts and minds, yet forever divided," states Adams Traktor.

Getting to the goods, "Divided" ominously opens with short acoustic guitar strums, a pulsating upbeat kick, and Adams Traktor's unique vocal stylings. While singing a story of attempting to forget the past and move forward for the better, we're met with a tempo change at the hook where Adams Traktor releases his emotions towards our divided society.

We can't help but feel a similar sound and style to Pearl Jam, as Adams Traktor takes us through similar sonic atmospheres alongside his Eddie Vedder-like vocal stylings. Landing on the bridge, a wild and upbeat electric guitar whales its way to our hearts, accompanied by the surrounding blistering instrumental soundscape that blasts us towards the outro.

Feel "Divided" no longer with help from Adams Traktor and his recent single, and gear up for the release of his forthcoming debut album, 'Quench,' later this year.

We adore the soul and concept you delivered within your recent single, "Divided." What inspired you to create a single that touches on our divided society?

I’m cognoscente of the division we see around us in the world today. It worries me - as it should all of us. We are divided at inception but forever connected with the environment and people that make up the fabric of our lives. We are divided on all fronts - politics, race, religion… and these fronts also divide families, communities, etc. It seems to be accelerating, the type of division that can have a highly negative impact on us in highly divisive ways.

What did you want your audience to take away from your lyricism within "Divided?”

“Divided” is a call to action as well as the simple statement to live life with optimism and passion. “Divided” is a song about the irreducible space between life, love, and death. We are divided at inception, yet forever bound to the things and people around us; the fabric of our lives. We are entangled by the gravity of our hearts and minds, yet forever divided. We love and do great things madly and heroically, as we should, always knowing things will pass; they will end. Divided until no more...

What inspired the dynamic and rollercoaster instrumentals within "Divided?” How do the instrumentals complement and emphasize the song's concept?

Divided was originally written on my acoustic and still resonates in this format but the nature of the lyrics and the message led us to add more dynamics and really build to a climactic end. Almost a little out of control really. The song has a lot of dynamics which just adds to the message of unpredictability, uncertainty, frantic volatility, and the division we are experiencing in the world today.

How do your four released singles prepare listeners for your debut album, 'Quench'? Do the singles touch on any themes or concepts that are apparent in the album?

These first four singles emphasize the fact that we live in a world that is in disarray, that is “Divided”, and there is a “Need” for us to “Wake Up” before there is “Noth’en” left to save and/or preserve to pass on to future generations. I just manage to get the name of our first for singles into a single sentence and to actually sum up the overall direction of the album. Not intentional believe me, but I’ll leave it at that.

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