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Adams Traktor Found A Way To Open Up Our Hearts With His New Hit Single

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Adams Traktor is a music project formed by JR Smith to explore, expand, and in many ways, bend the music genres that have influenced progressive modern music. The brand-new single, "You Found A Way," was created thanks to a collaborative effort made by JR (songwriter/vocals/guitar), Gregory Darling (producer, keyboards, and magic), Manny Elias (drums), special guest Fernando Saunders (bass) and Olda Krejcoves (guitar).

"You Found A Way" opens up with an intriguing airy sound, then immediately hits us with a bop. JR's voice is the perfect combination of smooth and raspy, giving the record a romantic and rebellious edge. The warm guitar riffs throughout the record give the song tremendous character. It plays as a second vocal giving the song two voices.

The rhythm of the soft yet hard drums and bass and the fun keys combined with JR's energetic and emotional performance have us dancing freely. Arms waving while singing, "You found a way to open up my heart," JR's catchy lyrics have us hooked. With elements of rock, pop, and 80's era synths, "You Found A Way" gives us a cinematic experience, creating a journey in song form.

The foundation of the song is loosely interpreted from JR's own experience. In his words; "When someone, whether it be intentionally or accidentally, stumbles into your life that isn't a little (or a lot) dark around the edges, is consistently optimistic and upbeat, tells it like it is, knows themselves, accepts you as you are and shares your views and aspirations alongside their own, you should pay a whole lot of attention. It may not last forever.

You Found A Way" tells an unforgettable story through its positive and upbeat notes, well, until it isn't. You'll have to watch the music video to understand what that means.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Adams Traktor, and congratulations on your new single, "You Found A Way." Can you please tell us a little bit about the moment that sparked this song to be created?

Absolutely, the answer is kind of two-fold… The majority of our songs tend to be a little, or maybe a lot, on the darker side, especially the lyrics. So… my partner dared me to write an upbeat, positive song for a change. I have to admit, as a dark soul myself. This was more than a small challenge. It's not so hard to write a song that feels happy from a musical point of view but not so from a lyrics point of view. It took us months to get both to jive. The second part of the equation is that Olda (on lead guitar) wanted to write an extremely simple song with a catchy hook but incredibly basic lyrics so people could relate to it easily. And when I say basic - I mean basic, basic, basic… In the end, I think we managed the first part as an upbeat and positive story but failed miserably to keep the lyrics simple. Glad you like the end results, though.

The production of "You Found A Way" is brilliant! Many pieces had to come together to create this record. Can you give us a glimpse into the creative process? Was everyone in the studio together at the same time when the song was being made?

From a production point of view, Gregory Darling at 2 Lions Studios did an amazing job arranging and adding real depth and life to this track. He is a seasoned musician and producer. With respect to the creative process, I came up with the initial verse hook on the guitar, which kind of naturally evolved into something bigger as we added more layers with input from the other members of the project, including Gregory. The foundation for You Found A Way was written a couple of years ago but did not come to life until we all put our minds to it.

"You Found A Way" allows us to escape into the freedom that the song emanates. Is there a specific message or feeling you wanted to get across to your audience with the release of this single?

There definitely is a core message we are trying to get across. When someone, whether it be intentionally or accidentally, stumbles into your life that isn't just a little (or a lot) dark around the edges, is consistently optimistic and upbeat, tells it like it is, knows themselves, accepts you as you are and shares your views and aspirations alongside their own - pay attention, grab it and hold on. You Found A Way tells that story. It's a positive, upbeat love song. Well... until it isn't! You'll have to watch the vid to understand.

We love that you've combined a vast array of styles to create a fresh new sound that is also reminiscent of previous eras. If you could collaborate with any artist or band (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

That question really makes me smile. I'm glad you feel that way / and see our music in that light. If I could collaborate with any artists, it would be as follows (not in any particular order). Bowie: The depth and diversity of his talent will never be matched. What I could learn… Muddy Waters: So much of rock is influenced by this master of blues. Possibly one of my favorite artists of all time. Trent Reznor: I know you can't hear it in You Found A Way, but I love the darker side with an industrial influence. Our next release will bring that message home and make this pick more understandable. I still remember spinning "Down In It" back in the 90s when I was a DJ. Chris Cornell may be rest in peace. IMO one of the best writers and vocalists in rock. David Byrne: The diversity and pure talent would open up a lot of doors and creative avenues. Leonard Cowen: Again, no reason needed.Eddie Vedder because he speaks from his heart and his vocal style really moves me. This list is truly endless, so I'll leave it at that. As always, thank you for taking an interest in our music.

What's next?

We have a lot in the mix now, so expect another single from us in mid-May! Something dark, brooding, and a tad industrial.



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