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Adara Releases Ground-Breaking Visuals For “Alien”

The electronic, space-inspired pop of Adara will teleport you to a neighboring galaxy for a dance party on a spaceship. Her relatable, catchy anthems bounce from star to star in style with sparkling synths and the vast sounds of Adara's voice. With big choruses being Adara’s trademark, the Nashville-based artist draws influence from artists like Lady Gaga, Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Coldplay. In a world of over-sexualized leading ladies and a drug-infected pop culture, Adara is a role model for youth, preaching individuality and self-love. A mysterious pop anthem, “Alien’s” music video is inspired by a social media campaign started by Adara called #keepgoing. The artist (and self-proclaimed space nerd) asked her fans to share memories with her of moments they have felt alienated. The response was overwhelming and hundreds of stories of bullying, abuse, and even rape poured in. 

“I’ve always wanted to stand up for the underdog,” says Adara. “People go through incredibly hard things, and now I know many are my fans whom I love dearly. I want to support them and for them to know they are not alone.” 

The brand new music video for “Alien” is overwhelmingly compassionate and beautiful. Adara dedicates it to everyone who has ever felt alienated or lonely or victimized. She wears a white spacesuit covered in the words of people who reached out to her to tell their story. Viewing the video in full gave me chills from head to toe. I highly recommend a second or third watch to truly grasp every piece of artistry at work here. “Alien” remains catchy, upbeat, and inspiring while Adara pours her heart and soul into every word. Throughout the video, many different people from all walks of life are seen collecting glowing cubes from another world. When they eventually come together near the end, we see that collectively they’ve spelled out the words “You’re Not Alone”, a poetically brilliant way to end a truly amazing music video. Well done Adara! 

Check out “Alien” here and don’t miss the spectacular music video below! Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Adara! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Adara, it’s a pleasure to premiere your amazing new music video for “Alien”!

It’s an honor to be included on BuzzMusic!

What do you hope your listeners and fans take away from this project and video?

It’s the thing I hope they take away from all of my music. Hope, strength, and self-love.” Alien” is an anthem for the people who feel like they don’t belong. Being different is beautiful, and it’s about celebrating what makes us different.  I really want this to come across in the video, especially with the visual of the suit that I’m wearing, which is made up of hundreds of stories of bullying, abuse and pain shared with me by my followers. I wear their pain with them and turn it into something strong and powerful in this music video.

What inspires you to be so passionate about the #keepgoing movement?

Those two words, keep going, we're there for me when I needed them the most. I was going through a tough time emotionally and felt so defeated about my music and dreams. Simply put, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I never posted about this online but somehow my followers started sending me comments and messages that all said the same two words that I needed to hear the most: “keep going.” Literally over and over again. Those two words helped me do exactly that, KEEP GOING.  And I want to give that same strength back to everyone who needs to hear that right now.  I want people to fight instead of giving up on themselves. I have to pass this on.

What are your thoughts on mainstream music today?

I personally feel like mainstream music, and pop culture, in general, has become drug-infused and overly sexualized. While there are still some wonderful songs being written, I do feel like the majority of singles are released for a quick and easy sale with a blatant disregard on how those messages affect society, especially the youth. I certainly don’t want to speak negatively of any artists’ creations, but music has the power to change the world, and too often it’s being diminished to the lowest common denominator.  While there is certainly a place for fun, let-your-hair-down, party music, there also still needs to be an importance placed on music with a deeper emotional message.  My theater teacher said something which has always stuck with me, “Science explains how we live, but art explains what we live for.” We turn to art to decode the complexities of the human experience.  People are hurting and music can be there to save them.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

Ideally, making the world a better place via music would be my answer. I want my music to reach people on a large scale. while I dream of headlining stadium shows, it’s equally important to combine technology, AR, and VR aspects into my live shows. Performing in SPACE would definitely be one of my main aspirations (NASA, call me!)… but at the end of the day, being a positive influence to others is better than any amount of money or achieving “superstardom.”

What’s next for Adara?

I’m releasing my music video for “Alien” today! (Oct. 2) I also have some shows coming up that I’m really looking forward to and new music in the works. I could sit here and list off all the exciting things coming down the pipeline, or all the irons I've got in the fire, but to me, music is really about getting someone through a bad day and inspiring them to keep going. Through making the “Alien” music video, I've learned that what I do can be an outlet for other people as well.



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