Add Sean Jones' "Weekend Lover," to Your Summer Playlist

The Toronto-hailing R&B artist and singer-songwriter Sean Jones throws us into a summer bop with his latest lively and upbeat release, "Weekend Lover."

With ten years in the industry under his belt, Sean Jones has stretched his sound from contemporary r&b to soft-rock and Motown. After the vast success of his 'Soul in the City' Monday nights, where he and other artists would showcase their unique sounds, Sean Jones received the opportunity to create a musical experience for the passengers aboard WestJet's flights.

Now releasing his groovy and sensual single, "Weekend Lover," the song was produced by Murray Daigle and written by Sean Jones and Donny Anderson. The track itself catapults listeners back to a nostalgic scene with its funky instrumentation and Sean Jones' delicious vocals.

Hitting play on "Weekend Lover," the venture begins with a cheerful and upbeat synth arrangement accompanied by a plucky bassline, sweet electric guitar riffs, and mid-tempo drum breaks. As Sean Jones makes his way in and sweeps us off our feet, he begins to expand on the song's passionate and playful lyrical theme.

While Sean Jones sings of a casual rendezvous turning into a serious relationship, he brings us all the passion and tenderness of such an exhilarating experience. We can't help but feel this overall sound of Calvin Harris meets Pharrell Williams, especially as Sean Jones continues grooving to the song's infectious rhythm and upbeat vibe. As he leads us towards the outro, Sean Jones ends the memorable listening experience with nothing but heart and desire.

Get your dose of passion with help from Sean Jones' latest single, "Weekend Lover," now available to add to your summer playlist on all digital streaming platforms.