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Add Sean Jones' "Weekend Lover," to Your Summer Playlist

The Toronto-hailing R&B artist and singer-songwriter Sean Jones throws us into a summer bop with his latest lively and upbeat release, "Weekend Lover."

With ten years in the industry under his belt, Sean Jones has stretched his sound from contemporary r&b to soft-rock and Motown. After the vast success of his 'Soul in the City' Monday nights, where he and other artists would showcase their unique sounds, Sean Jones received the opportunity to create a musical experience for the passengers aboard WestJet's flights.

Now releasing his groovy and sensual single, "Weekend Lover," the song was produced by Murray Daigle and written by Sean Jones and Donny Anderson. The track itself catapults listeners back to a nostalgic scene with its funky instrumentation and Sean Jones' delicious vocals.

Hitting play on "Weekend Lover," the venture begins with a cheerful and upbeat synth arrangement accompanied by a plucky bassline, sweet electric guitar riffs, and mid-tempo drum breaks. As Sean Jones makes his way in and sweeps us off our feet, he begins to expand on the song's passionate and playful lyrical theme.

While Sean Jones sings of a casual rendezvous turning into a serious relationship, he brings us all the passion and tenderness of such an exhilarating experience. We can't help but feel this overall sound of Calvin Harris meets Pharrell Williams, especially as Sean Jones continues grooving to the song's infectious rhythm and upbeat vibe. As he leads us towards the outro, Sean Jones ends the memorable listening experience with nothing but heart and desire.

Get your dose of passion with help from Sean Jones' latest single, "Weekend Lover," now available to add to your summer playlist on all digital streaming platforms.

We're more than impressed with the in-depth groove and energy of your recent single, "Weekend Lover." What inspired you to write a piece surrounding a casual hookup turned serious?

The single as well as the entire upcoming album is a 90’s throwback album. Honestly, this song was easy to write because it came from a real place. Back in the day the boys and I would hit the club on the regular. Drinking, dancing, and yes picking up beautiful ladies was a part of the night. Some hookups were just fun while others…well they became more complicated. I broke some hearts but I also had my heartbroken. We were young and living our best lives. I could probably write a few albums with all of those memories.

What was it like working with producer Murray Daigle when formulating the sonics for "Weekend Lover?” How did he help bring your ideas to life?

I’ve worked with Murray on several projects now and we have really developed a great working relationship. I had a very solid sketch production-wise when we started working on the record. Murray fine-tuned everything. He straightened things out, simplified parts that were over-complicated, and replaced certain sounds to make them more appealing sonically. Murray is also amazing with vocals. The BG vocal production he orchestrated on this album is crazy. We spent a lot of time in the studio recording layer after layer of harmonies. They sound so lush and beautiful. He truly brought my vision to life. At the end of the day, you really want to work with someone that you trust has your best interests at heart. I have that with Murray and I feel that this is our best work to date. More to come.

What was your collaborative songwriting process like with Donny Anderson for the single? How long did it take for the two of you to finalize your lyricism?

Donny is an amazing singer and writer. I had quite a bit of the song already written by the time Donny and I got together. He helped fill in the missing pieces, adding words in here and there that helped to fill out the story and gave it more impact. The session was actually really quick and painless. Donny is one of those writers that will give you a constant stream of great ideas for hours on end and working with him is a joy.

Do you usually create such anthemic, upbeat, and passionate songs like "Weekend Lover?” Or was this song merely inspired by the ongoing summer season?

I think a lot of the music I’ve made over the years sounds like it could be used for a movie soundtrack. I like big anthemic songs that are passionate. I actually haven’t done an R&B album since the days with my old group In Essence. I’m very excited for you all to hear this collection of tunes. I feel like these are really great SONGS first and foremost. The lyrics tell a story. They speak about love in a way that isn’t heard much these days in R&B. Great melodies and lots of harmony stacks. This is a feel-good record from start to finish. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done and I’m looking forward to performing these tunes live once the world opens up again.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

There are two young Canadian artists that are grinding and putting out some great work. Ruben Young is mad creative. His music is dope and he’s constantly coming at you on social media with skits and good content. I think people underestimate how hard it is to put out content consistently. He and artists like him should be applauded for the work they’re doing on all fronts. Check out his track called “Flower Girl.” I’m also a fan of an artist named Lu Kala. Great voice and catchy songs. I had invited her to perform at my Soul In The City show in 2019 before the world exploded. She can deliver live. Check out her track “Love Shit."


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