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Addie Hamilton's Crave of Love Rings With Intensity On New Single, “Valentine”

Being brought into the world of music by her great grandmother's historic record collection, Addie Hamilton’s love of songwriting grows from 1930´s/1960’s style jazz and gospel music. With her newest release Valentine, the California native explains a historic love that has a passion so intense you find yourself craving it. Within each of Hamilton’s light vocals, listeners will find themselves being drawn into the addicting feeling of passionate love.

Each lyric dives deeper into the intense feelings of a woman who would give it all up for her “Valentine”. As Larry Goldings masters the background piano “Valentine” is given a sense of consistent and classic musical style. The hint of historic jazz and blues is sure to attract any elegant, understated lover and music fanatic.

Due to Hamilton’s distinct vocal style, many of her pieces have been featured in various successful TV series including The Good Place, Riverdale, Shameless, and with the dangerous passion in her second released single of 2021 “Valentine” is a must-add onto anyone's romantic playlist.

We can’t wait to see how this classical, unique, and lyrical artist grows from the intense love she once felt, and create new storylines in her next released tracks.

Your new single “Valentine” is filled with so much emotion and passion. What was your inspiration behind this piece?

At the time I was writing in love and for love- yet I was so intrigued with horror scores and moody orchestral pieces. "Valentine" really bridges the two- showcasing that sort of love that can put one into a frenzy. The kind of beauty that drives you mad. You mentioned the influence your great grandmother had on your musical journey and inspiration. How have you been able to carry her legacy and influence in your track? I found my great-grandmother Maude’s record collection as a teenager, I met a whole new world when I opened that victrola cabinet. She lived between LA and Tijuana, collecting along the way and over decades. I often listen to those records and inspiration hits without even seeking them. Maybe it is the coolness in Chet Bakers voice, the eerie intro to an Artie Shaw album, Xavier Cugat’s timing. When you catch those sorts of things it's natural to want to play off it. “Valentine” carries a very Jazz and blues style, what genre do you hope your music falls into and why?

There are so many genres I love! I know everybody says that but it's true. When I think of my next record I can imagine those Jazz chords nestled in the American Songbook, but produced in a darker, almost rock-influenced sound. Exotica like foley sounds and world beat percussions. Genres all over the board and then you try to play favorites when it comes time to release. My manager and I have always had trouble finding which genre to attach a song to. So far they have mostly danced around the pop/orchestral world. It will be fun to branch out further with the next one. It seems like you had a very supportive group surrounding you to put together this amazing track! Tell us what it was like producing with that group amid the pandemic.

Valentine was a bi-coastal team effort. The track actually pre-covid in laurel canyon. From there I flew to the east coast to develop it further with producers Ethan Mentzer and Todd Wright. Once covid hit they were so accommodating. I hired Larry Goldings on keys, Ana Berreiro on percussion, and Tom Berth on upright bass, who recorded from home. Tommy Gann and Ross Lara added into production and engineering as well. Im beyond happy with the track- Im also very much looking forward to having those live studio memories with all the talent in one room together. What would you like listeners to know about you and the music you create?

I am so grateful to have a gift that can lift others. It's an amazing feeling to create an experience for someone through music. I can't wait to create a whole world of visuals and sounds, where they can meet me there over a cup of coffee, after a long day, walking in the garden or stuck in traffic. How wonderful that I can offer an escape and not even be in the room.



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