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Adell J. Spills His Heart With a Debut Single, "Ms. Anonymous"

The Detroit, Michigan, native and R&B/Soul Artist Adell J. releases his debut single with vast heart and emotion, titled, "Ms. Anonymous." Through this delicious debut, Adell J. captures the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Dedicating his time to perfect the jewels he creates for listeners to enjoy and relate with, Adell J. is continuously demonstrating his exemplary artistic skills. Also well-known worldwide, Adell J. has made several television appearances while also making himself known on various other major platforms.

Regarding his latest single, "Ms. Anonymous," Adell J. felt inspired to release a debut single that captures all the emotion and turmoil of a failed relationship. Seeking a wife in someone who didn't meet his expectations, we can hear the raw emotion within Adell J.'s soothing vocals and accompanying R&B production/instrumentation.

Diving into Adell J.'s debut single, "Ms. Anonymous," we're met with sorrowful piano melodies and a heated phone call between Adell J. and a frantic female counterpart. As Adell J. begins serenading the listener through his mellow, emotional, and stunning vocals, we naturally feel lifted into serenity through the song's dream-like atmosphere.

Reaching the hook, Adell J. powers through with prime R&B melodies through the nostalgic instrumentation and his flavorful vocals that never stand one note. While Adell J. sings of a past relationship and realizing that someone brings equal amounts of sunshine as they do rain, he has us in awe of the delicate lyricism that tells an intimate and personal story.

Ending the song with vast emotion, heart, and desire, Adell J. has us swooned with each heartfelt lyric and equally chilling instrumental within his debut, "Ms. Anonymous."

Congratulations on the release of your compelling debut single, "Ms. Anonymous." Why did you want this track to lead the way in your career?

I wanted to share the pains of a failed relationship in hopes that others would be encouraged to keep pressing forward.

Seeing as your single "Ms. Anonymous" was inspired by a past relationship, was it challenging to write about such vulnerable and emotional themes?

It was extremely damaging and hurting to express these feelings of failure and disgust. After writing and hearing the finished product, I then knew that it healed me in areas I didn’t even know about.

The instrumentals and production within "Ms. Anonymous" are truly breathtaking. What kind of sound and feel were you initially striving for when creating the instrumentals and production?

I and my team was striving for one thing: EXCELLENCE! I would hope that the fans would argue the same thing.

Could you expand on your upcoming single "Superwoman," which was inspired by Breonna Taylor and black women everywhere? What should we expect from the release itself?

As an African-American man in America, I was so appalled at the audacity of our justice system for not arresting the killers so I did the same thing I did with "Ms. Anonymous," and I took my feelings and put them down in the studio. The audience should expect a song highlighting the values of our black women and how they are the true superheroes for all of the pain and injustice that they endure.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Stay tuned! ;)


Adell F. Kimbrough
Adell F. Kimbrough


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