Adrian Aguilera Delivers an Eclectic Flair of Soundwaves in "Etcotherm"

Adrian Aguilera is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from the Midwest with an experimental vibe. Born in Fort Wayne Indiana and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer came to love music and writing at an early age.

As a young poet, he would pair his rhymes with instrumental music of all styles. He carried that adventurous creative spirit forward as he got older and began producing his own tracks.

As we tap into the most recent release from this emerging artist, we are offered up the eccentric flairs of “Etcotherm.” Residing in a Lo-fi universe that dabbles in Electronic/Hip-hop tenors, Adrian Aguilera has us fully immersed in the extensive soundscape that reigns from the shadowy paths of his tonal distinction.

The reverberated hues that wash us in the lyrical dexterity presented by Adrian Aguilera allow us to dissect the verse he drops and pick up on numerous metaphors laid down. The virtuoso of unique artistic traits has Adrian Aguilera a master of various musical elements. As the mid-tempo force field lingers in the depths of each rhyme scheme conveyed, we slip deeper and deeper into this mind-altering single known as, “Etcotherm.”

Going as far as to have an intricate crafter music video that takes the creative direction of Adrian Aguilera to another level, we see a variety of scenes all performed by the puppet version of himself, and those accompanying him.

Adrian Aguilera creates vivid imagery for his audience to feast upon. The brilliant showcase of “Etcotherm,” follows the emerging superstar’s path to success and elevation on levels to come.

Hello Adrian, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of, “Etcotherm.” We love the unique music video that you pair with the single! What was the inspiration behind the meaning of this single?

First I'd like to say thank you for having me on your blog. It's a real honor to be covered by BuzzMusic and their team, I'm grateful for that. When I first started this music journey I didn't know the ins and outs of the whole scene. All I really knew was to write, rap, and create music. I felt that was enough to get people to listen to me and it's not. As I continued to create and release more songs I noticed people needed something more for them to hear me out. They need convincing that you truly are an artist. During that time I couldn't find a solution and so I had my ups and downs before changing my approach. I remember seeing other artists receive attention and that would fuel me to become better and better. So like an ectotherm "an organism which derives the heat it requires from the environment". I too, gained my fire from the new environment I was introduced to and I strive for improvement and recognition. That's the type of motivation that has gotten people to start listening to me.

What went into the creative process of filming the music video? Was this different from other videos that you have filmed in the past?

I love to put out eye-catching effects on my music videos and I can because I film and edit everything myself. That inspiration comes from music video directors like Cole Bennett and Lonewolf. Originally for Ectotherm, I wanted to do clay animation something a lot different from my past videos but time was tight. So the next best thing was puppets and I had come across someone who knew a group that had puppets. I asked them for help on this music video and they made it happen. It came out perfect even my niece and nephews enjoyed it.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

My favorite lines are:

"But even in the desert you'll find life so why can't you, Make an attempt,

Instead, you're a temp make minimum cents and it doesn't make sense

All cuz you're a mess."

This one hits hard because that was me. I'm sure many people can relate to this and not taking the chances in life that they should. All of us live once and life is short. We live in a fast-paced world where it's constantly moving and some have goals/accomplishments that are left for tomorrow. Eventually never reached, then it's too late.

How does “Etcotherm,” hold up to other songs that you have previously released?

Ectotherm tops some of the previous songs I've released. It's one of my favorites because the energy is motivating. I have been complimented on numerous occasions on how solid it stands. I feel like this song has made me grow in a way and I'm being taken more seriously because of it.

As an artist, what is the main message that you’re hoping that your fans take away from your music?

When I received my first compliment from a fan it felt amazing. It was a great moment to have someone care about your music. I've never known that feeling far into my journey and I was proud that my hard work became noticed. I do it for them so the main message I try to give in my music is advice. I hope they can hear the advice I send out. In my previous music, I shared my struggles on becoming an artist and how people won't believe in you till you're noticed. I had people in the beginning not take me seriously because nowadays the world is filled with talented artists that rise the next day. So it was hard for them to picture me in that category. I hope people and my fans can hear out what I have to say in my project, thanks.