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Adversity Drops Inspirational Hip Hop Track “Check”

From Wethersfield, Connecticut, Adversity is a budding hip hop artist who has just dropped a fresh single called “Check.” While working towards a BSBA degree in business management at the University of Hartford, Adversity was beginning to develop his musical career. With original songwriting and an intrinsic talent for rapping, he is taking the hip hop world by storm. Produced by Will Stenson, Adversity’s hot new single “Check,” allows him to stand out in the hip hop world with his meaningful lyrics. His songwriting seems to tell a story and will enable him to connect with his fans on a personal and emotional level.

Adversity initially hooks hip hop fans with “Check’s” trap beat and adds his own flavors of sound with the rest of the electronically produced backtrack. Adversity has a natural talent for rapping. He places emphasis on lyrical pronunciation and displays confidence with his intense vocals. His lyrics seem to tell a personal story about how he found success through hard work and determination. Adversity mentions his ability to ignore the opinions of others and focus on grinding for his own benefit. He then raps about the fact that he is not finished working – he has big plans for his future that he will continue to strive for. Adversity will motivate and hype up his fans to become the best versions of themselves with his new single “Check.”

You can find "Check" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Adversity! Could you describe the creative process of “Check” and your collaboration with producer Will Stenson? Truthfully, with Check I just wanted to be a little more playful both lyrically and conceptually. I managed to get off the bars and punchlines that my fans are accustomed to hearing in my music - while at the same time adding braggadocios twist that hadn’t been heard out of me before. Will Stenson is my guy, we’ve been working together for a while he’s produced previous tracks of mine such as Issue, Rara, and a lot of my latest EP, “BOA” to name a few. The chemistry is there between us which makes the creative process a lot easier for us.

It is clear that music and rapping have always been an important part of your life. What made you decide to pursue a career in music?

Music was always an important part of my life for sure, I was always listening to music from a bunch of different genres but mostly hip/hop and r&b. From a young age I wrote poetry but I didn’t ever think that I myself could be a hip-hop artist, until I thought it through and tried, now we're here. There were a lot of different reasons and factors that played a role in me deciding to pursue this as a career, but it all stems from the love I have for the music itself as well as the art form of rapping/emceeing. I was always intrigued by music and what goes into creating it, so once I formulated a game-plan and start honing in on my pen game - it all started to develop from there.

We were truly inspired by the motivational lyrics of “Check.” Can you describe the message within your lyrics for “Check?”

The message here was basically that as you progress it’s important to stay humble but at the same time, acknowledge what you’ve accomplished and allowed that to fuel you to grow even more (taking a second to rightfully boast). Anyone who is coming up in the music industry knows that a dollar doesn’t come easy. After what he’s done up to this point - Adversity feels that he is deserving of a big Check (i don’t f*** around so just gimme the Check $$$).

While you were focusing on your music career you also obtained your BSBA degree in business management at the University of Hartford. How did this experience shape you as a person and an artist?

My experience at UHart gave me the tools to formulate a proper plan to turn my passion into reality. Going into my collegiate experience, I understood that it takes more than talent to do this at a high level. With that being said, it was important to me that my educational background helped me elevate myself as a professional in this career all while growing and developing as both an artist and a person at the same time. I also met so many people there that became people I would go on to work with, friends, and/or fans of my music and for that, I’ll always be appreciative of my time there.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2020?

You guys can expect to see a lot more content from me for the foreseeable future. New music, visuals, and more - I am in the mindset where I am just expanding my catalog and making as much high-quality music as I can to put out for my fans to enjoy and share with the people they are close to. If you are reading this now, I hope that you become a fan/follow me to see where this journey is headed next - #AdversitySzn



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