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ADVM Wears His Broken Heart On His Sleeve In “She’s Gone”

A rising star in the Pacific Northwest independent music scene, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist ADVM unleashes his most profound emotions in a relatable new single, "She's Gone."

Known for his catchy pop style and deep appreciation for hip-hop influences, ADVM uses rhythmic storytelling and compelling language to get his message across. In his previous single, "Weekend," ADVM celebrated themes of hedonism, which is quite the contrast from his recent release and accompanying music video for "She's Gone." This time, he tugs on our heartstrings with scenarios many can relate to.

The song's music video adds a rich visual experience directed by R. Malcolm Jones. It sees ADVM and his female counterpart living through their tumultuous relationship, leading to the big split. It raises questions about the genuineness of post-breakup attitudes and how we continue to search for answers on the darkest nights.

Hitting play on "She's Gone," the song smoothly opens with dreamy, plucky electric guitar melodies alongside an ethereal, downtempo hip-hop/pop beat. As ADVM's lush vocals ooze through the speakers, he confesses his heavy heart and deepest desires to recover from a tough breakup. Although the theme is relatable, ADVM's contemporary production and unique delivery make this post-break-up tune very refreshing.

With lyrics like "She's gone, and now she's just a memory, used to overload my sensory," ADVM's gifted storytelling is on full display for listeners to savor. And alongside the smoothest production and gentle, toe-tapping instrumentals, "She's Gone" will satisfy fans of all genres. It's a deeply personal yet relatable track that perfectly showcases ADVM's artistic range.

Do yourself a favor and mend that broken heart with a track that resonates, none other than ADVM's latest single, "She's Gone," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, ADVM! We're impressed with the raw emotion and vulnerability presented in your latest single, "She's Gone." What real-life moments or scenarios compelled you to create this song?

I was going through some relationship issues with my mentor CLVRK; we had dope conversations in the studio and felt that what we were going through was relatable. "She's Gone" wasn't just a song I made; it was a reflection and a demonstration of my life then.

How does "She's Gone" differ from the rest of your discography? How does this single stand out in terms of sound and style? What was your experience shooting the music video with director R. Malcolm Jones for "She's Gone"? How did he help bring your vision to life?

While my first single, "Weekend," was loud and party-heavy, "She's Gone" is simple but resonates with people. My goal was to make a song with a deep emotional meaning to contrast "Weekend," and it's an up-funk tune.

What was your experience shooting the music video with director R. Malcolm Jones for "She's Gone?" How did he help bring your vision to life?

Being the second time I've worked with him, everything felt more comfortable for me in front of a camera than filming "Weekend." Although I'm very much a rookie in all of this, his vision for the video and the confidence in his work brought the vision together - and I think it shows in the quality of "She's Gone."

What was your songwriting process like for "She's Gone"? Was it challenging to open up and let your emotions flow, or did you find it cathartic?

As I mentioned, the song was written mere days after a tough breakup. I felt like I needed to vent my emotions - so I called CLVRK and hit the studio. At first, I wasn't aware of the pull that the song had on people; to me, it was a compilation of my anxieties and pain that I hadn't yet been able to resolve internally. When I first showed the song to my manager and Push Management CEO, DeWayne "Duprano" Matuin, he expressed his excitement for the record - and the rest is history.

What do you hope listeners experience and take away from "She's Gone"? What was your intent in that regard?

The song pulls no punches for sure; I'm as transparent as I am blunt. When someone you love decides to leave, it changes how you think about yourself; it might make you angry, sad, jealous, or untrusting - but we heal. Those feelings might feel incredibly personal like you're the only one that feels this way. "She's Gone" is something that none of us want to admit, but we must face.


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