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After 10 Releases "War In The Streets"

Taking the influences from Marshall's pop upbringing and meshing them with John's Metal background the end result was a sound of its own, or a small band called After 10. The group who formed in 2016 in Columbia, South Carolina channels the punk rock dynamism of the likes of the Foo Fighters, blink-182, and Stone Temple Pilots. They take it even further with their heavy guitar riffs, rebellious lyrics, and aggressive tone.

After 10 just released their anticipated single “War In The Streets”. The chaotic and brashness sound in the music is just the makeup identity for the beautiful lyrics and detailed elements compromised within the song. One false misinterpretation people may have on rock music is the negative connotation and idea that the motive behind the music is violence, sex, and drugs. However, what I’ve quickly learned about the misunderstood genre is that it quickly defeats all undermining perceptions due to the fact their music holds actual substantial music. The delivery and projection of their emotive lyricism and passionate meanings is in a more anarchic and tumultuous way! “War In The Streets” seem to have a deeper and prepossessing message behind the electrifying vocal dynamics that others who aren’t so hipped on the beauty of classic Rock N Roll, may call “loud”. Their songs tends to speak on the constant societal pressure to follow the corporate path, and in turn choosing to walk on your own one.

Add "War In The Streets" to your Spotify playlist and get to know After 10 through their exclusive interview below!

Marshall what invoked you to form a rock band? Have you ever had any previous thoughts about forming one!?

I kind of stumbled into forming After 10 actually. At the time I was playing poker in the area to pretty much fund my lifestyle. Randomly one of the guys I played with asked me if I'd be interested in starting a band, and I was totally into the idea.  Up to that point music had been a part of my life, but not a big one. When I agreed to start the band I had no idea what it would eventually become. I never thought that we would make a record, but here we are. Unfortunately that member would not be in the band long, and we would eventually find Alvin to be our drummer. Literally, the night before our first guitarist quit I met John at a bar, somewhere around 3am, and told him I was starting a band. Eugene is actually the only original member. It took us a while to find our core group, but when we did I was excited to start writing.

How do you guys manage to mesh together 4 different personalities and styles into one?

I'd love to be in a band where everyone had the same thought process, and everyone agreed 100% of the time, and everyone was happy happy happy. I am NOT in that band. I actually kicked out Eugene for a string of shows. The shows sucked. I'll admit it, big mistake. This is my first band though, and it was early on. During the writing process John and I would clash a good bit, because he wanted these insanely complicated parts, and I wanted it to be simple. I think the best bands are a group of guys who don't necessarily get along all the time, but get along just enough to make some badass music. 

How important is every member’s role and function to the band and the production of your music?

I tell people I'm the least talented person in the group, I barely play piano. The rest of After 10 has decades of experience with their instrument. I think that our different personalities mesh really well musically, and stylistically. John comes from a huge metal background as the guitarist for Wretched. He toured with them, and played on a couple of their records. Eugene has been in and out of punk bands for a while, and you can hear that in his tone, and delivery. Alvin can play anything, but as any good drummer he went through his hardcore phase.  Personally I was raised listening to Michael Jackson,  The Beatles, and Coldplay, pop groups. So, the result of me being in a band with metal heads, and punk rockers is After 10. 

Tell us a little bit about your rocking release “War In The Streets” what’s the artist perspective of this single?

War in the Streets is actually one of my favorite tracks off the record. It has this classic rock feel, but when the chorus hits it's like...where the fuck did that come from? When I wrote the lyrics I wanted to be as upfront as possible about the clear division in our country right now. I didn't take a side, and I did that because in order for us to come together we need to respect both sides, and their views, and get away from this my way or the highway mentality. The original artwork that I wanted to use for this release was rejected. But, I'm giving it to anyone who wants to share it. It's a picture from The State of the Union. One side cheering, and the other sitting in silence. Kind of speaks for itself.

Do you have any interesting upcoming tour dates? Releases? Endeavours?

Our album is entitled "Bad Influences" and it is 13 tracks, 6 of which have now been released. We will be releasing a song roughly every month until all 13 are out. We plan on making trips up to NY, and coming out to LA this summer, venues and dates are still up in the air, but we'll definitely be coming out to see all you guys at Buzz Music!


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