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AGNB Releases “Me And Mine”

AGNB is just a group of different young men who came together at different points in their lives and everything just fit together like a puzzle! Every piece of the puzzle fits and complements each other well, and they come together and feed off each other and brings something different the industry needs. They released their single “Me And Mine” and you were able to connect with each rapper individually and become immensely gravitated by them! “Me And Mine” showcases each of their unique flow’s and their diversity as a unit. With one guy giving us the catchy and addictive hook, the first rapper gives you his quick-witted lyrics with a medium to slow tempo before the second rapper transitions in and delivers a fast-paced verse with excellent breathe control and hard-hitting bars! The final rapper projects his delivery in a flow similar to a takeoff from Migos! The final piece to the puzzle, closing the song off with a fire verse. Each rapper has their own unique way of rapping yet they fuse together as one union and complement one another with their outgoing and charismatic nature. AGNB's “Me And Mine” was a well executed song with precise transitions!

Give a listen to "Me and Mine" here, and check below for AGNB's exclusive interview!

What does “AGNB” stands for!? Who are the members?

"All gas no breaks" is a way of life. Members include Kaotick, Aso, Vato and Drizzy.

Do you guys find any challenges in determining who gets what open verse? How do you manage to deliver a well executed song with fitting verses?

We never had a challenge on who would go first. We used to put 1st versus, 2nd versus, 3rd versus and hook on a piece of paper and put it in a hat and whatever we choose that's what we do.

Tell us about “Me And Mine” and the vision behind the song?

"Me And Mine" has been through a lot but somehow we found a way to eat like always we make each other better and hungry.

In regards of the video to “Me And Mine”, what are some areas in the visual you think highlighted you four as a group the most?

Me And Mine was highlighted how we feel about ours and what we expect for ours.

What’s next for you as a group through 2019?

Promoting our music and give the world real hip hop and just succeed in the music business and keep the God with us everywhere step of the way.


Keep up to date with AGNB through the groups Facebook!


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