Ai Murda and J. Alexander Serve It up With New Song “Dinner Plates”

There is something to be said about the honesty of midwestern America and for AI Murda & J. Alexander, Cleveland, OH is definitely home for their amazingly talented rappers/ producers. They met in the mid ’90s and have been going strong ever since - as of late, releasing the smash song “Dinner Plates”. 

The song starts off with a super unique synth that then we take a dive into the amazing rap brought to us by AI and J. “Dinner Plates” is a reminder of how hard people work for what they have, and how they aren’t about to let you take what has been earned. With lyrics like “can’t take away from my dinner plate” and lines about having to “feed the fam”, you’re brought into the hustle of these pioneers who have proved successful since the ’90s. The song is fun and still feels new, but also has a serious undertone and has the wisdom of artists who have been doing this for a while. By the end of the song, you’re showing all of the respect you have to these guys and itching to hit the replay button. The track shares influence from OutKast to Kendrick Lamar, while also creating something new that you can’t really put your finger on. Definitely give this track a spin and share it with a friend. You and them will be happy you did! 

Listen to "Dinner Plates" here.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Buzz Music! What was it like growing up in the rap community in Cleveland during the mid ’90s and how do you feel it’s different in today’s day and age?

The biggest difference between the ’90s and now is the access to technology. The birth of the home studio in the early 2000’s changed the game. In the 90’s you had to go to a professional studio to get quality products. You would need to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a radio quality single done, that’s not including distribution. Now with the birth of the home studio, you can make a hit record without having to step foot inside a recording studio, and get distribution online for access to streaming revenue.

What has been your biggest struggle with releasing music in 2019 vs the ’90s?

Actually it was more of a struggle to release music in the ’90s versus now. Back then artists were reliant on signing that deal with a major. That was pretty much the only way. Nowadays the indie realm is where it’s at. Technology has changed the game. Everything u need to be successful is accessible. 

If you could collaborate with any artist from any period of time, who would it be and why?

Al Murda: The artist I would have liked to collaborate with is 2pac because of his outlook on the world and the way he delivered his passion through his music.

J. Alexander: The artist I would like to collaborate with is Black Thought. A veteran in the game that’s still relevant and lyrically impeccable. To be on a track with him is a challenge I’m willing to accept. 

Is there a specific message or vibe that you want listeners to take away from your music?

Just the authenticity of it all. We are who we are and speak our truths. That’s it. Some songs may be conceptual. Some might just be a display of lyricism. Others may be tales of life experiences. Good and bad. But they all will come from a real authentic organic place.

Can we expect new music anytime soon? What's next for you?

Yes. Tons of it. We have a joint project in the works “Dinner Plates” being the first single from it. And we both have solo projects coming as well. It’s all work over here.