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Ainae Nielsen Captures Our Attention With New Single “Dragon Heart Lemonade”

Ainae Nielsen is a vocalist and songwriter who was raised in SouthEastern Washington DC. Ainae used her poetry as a way to translate her experiences into her music. She recently released her first EP entitled “Contort” available on all platforms. Ainae continues to work and release new music showing her vulnerabilities and love for her craft. The world is writing a story the Ainae has the pen to translate. Ainae released her single titled “Dragon Heart Lemonade” and we were thoroughly impressed by her ability to convey genuine emotion through sincere lyricism and dynamic vocals. The song has the trendy augmented backtrack instrumental that holds as support to the record making the pop sound more vibrant! Ainae’s vocal resonance is highly delicate and she comforts us with her serenading vocals, yet showing off her fierce and tenacious attitude within the tune.

Ainae impressed us with her wide vocal range, and powerful delivery. Many artists can’t sustain a balance between style and skills, however, she projected that specific balance effortlessly with her idiosyncratic energy and vocally skilled resonance. I interpreted that “Dragon Heart Lemondae” is the empowering girl power anthem about walking away from somebodies BS and realizing that you don’t have to deal with it any longer. Many people could relate to this single and it would translate well across many diverse groups of musical listeners!

Listen to “Dragon Heart Lemonade” here.

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