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Aisyah Professes True Emotion in "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Since the age of 5, performing in front of an audience has always been a natural instinct for the Bruneian native, Aisyah. She and her four siblings would often set up talent shows in their small bedroom and hand out torn pieces of paper to their parents as tickets to watch them perform.

Fast forward to today, we can hear her providing listeners with an array of dreamy instrumentals, soulful melodies, and smooth beats, she combines lyrics that articulate emotional confrontations as an expression through each original creation. With much to look forward to with this independent Bruneian artist, there is no doubt that Aisyah is making waves in the global music scene.

“The Way You Make Me Feel,” is the latest heartfelt bop to come from Aisyah’s music catalog. Wrapping us up in the thought-provoking tenors that her storytelling depicts through a presentation of wistful lyrics, the reminiscing factor of this record kicks us into high gear as we transport ourselves to the carefully curated ambiance.

Aisyah’s vocals gently ease us into the burning passion that she carries in her soul. Through mystical instrumentation that resides in a slow to the mid-tempo swing of inimitable grooves, the prolific spectrum of Aisyah is molded by her heart's true findings.

Plunging into the intimate emotions that come over her when reiterating her feelings towards the apple of her eye, we grip onto the monumental release of evocative sentiments lusciously pouring from this sonic canvas. With sultry croons that caress our very being, there’s a comforting nature that Aisyah encompasses as she performs from a place of longing and desire.

“The Way You Make Me Feel,” turns up the heat and has our mind lingering on the vulnerable offering that is everything found on this polished record. Losing ourselves amongst a sea of melodically cast-out thoughts, Aisyah makes it so we can’t shake her off our minds.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Aisyah, and congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “The Way You Make Me Feel.” With such an intimate conveyance of emotion, we feel fully looped into the song and its intended meaning. Was there a particular moment or story that allowed you to propel this vision?

There wasn't really a specific story or event that inspired "The Way You Make Me Feel", but rather emotions and feelings I have experienced through life, which is usually the case when I write my songs. I wanted to convey a strong sense of desire and dominance in the track paired with classy confidence.

How does this song compare to previously released pieces of work found in your music catalog? What do the themes and approaches you took to the sound say about you?

I'd say my production style has greatly matured in this track compared to my previous ones. It still has a chill R&B aspect about it but sonically sounds a little darker in contrast to my songs like "Slow Down" and my "Head in the Clouds" EP. The transition to the breakdown is a style that hasn't been heard in my previous works too, and it's actually one of my favorite moments in the song. I wanted to create a huge, echoey soundscape to feel like the track was unraveling its elements before ending in a vacuum.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that brought this song to life? Was there anyone that assisted you in making this song as grand as it comes across?

I actually started working on this song in 2020 but kept it on the back burner for about a year before revisiting again, and it's absolutely crazy how different the initial version sounds to the current one! When I first wrote and produced it, it sounded too Pop for my liking and I felt like it wasn't really showcasing my true sound. I don't like forcing my creativity because it doesn't feel genuine to me, so I decided to put it on hold for a while before coming back to it with a fresh perspective. At the beginning of 2021, I revisited the track and started switching up the beat and parts of the lyrics until I created a skeleton that I really vibed with, then started adding more layers to it. I invited one of my talented friends, Elisha Tiga, to play the bass guitar for this song and I had my long-time collaborator, SPHMRE, mix and master the track (he's also worked on my previous projects like "Shoulda Said" and my debut EP "Head in the Clouds'').

What musical and non-musical influences would you say shape your sound? How do you manage to tie those into your creations all while remaining true to you?

My current musical influences are Snoh Aalegra, ChloexHalle, Victoria Monét, and Sabrina Claudio. I love the sultry, smooth sounds of Snoh and Sabrina's music, as well as the unique production style of ChloexHalle and Victoria's music. All of this definitely influenced "The Way You Make Me Feel" when I was thinking of a mood board for it. But the way I ensure I stay true to my sound and myself as an Artist is to use elements that are signature to my production style. For example, I love sampling voices and incorporating them into my beats to add personality, which is apparent when you first hear the introduction to "The Way You Make Me Feel". I also use a lot of organic-sounding synths for an ethereal touch, which I think is why I've heard people say there is a chill type of vibe to my songs. In terms of non-musical influences, I take inspiration from my surroundings, especially from nature. For example, I absolutely love the sound of waves pushing and pulling against the shore –– it's so relaxing, and oftentimes I use the same type of motion in my synths to convey that relaxing feeling.

What's next for you?

I definitely want to release a full-length album in the near future and hope to play live shows outside of Brunei when it's safe to do so. Other than that, I'm going to keep expanding my reach outside of Brunei while I am based here to pursue more opportunities to grow in my career.

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