AJ Smith Says You Don't Have To Be "Cooler" To Win Someone Over

Hailing from New York, NY, singer-songwriter and pop-rock recording artist AJ Smith realizes that he doesn't have to be "Cooler" to win hearts in his latest music video.

AJ Smith won us over with his relatable emotion, which he wears so vulnerably on his sleeve. The flashy and classically trained pop-rock artist has a knack for creating narrative dramas within the three-minute pop song. He's a believer in the classic hook, the perfect tune, the beautiful singalong chorus, and the song you can't get out of your head.

Now releasing his engaging music video for "Cooler," AJ Smith promises a girlfriend that he'll be cooler, smoother, and relieve the jitters next time around. Later, he makes the empowering realization that he doesn't need a leather jacket or badass vibe to do so.

In the new music video for "Cooler," the scene is set in the 1950s at a nostalgic drive-in where two anxious and albeit nerdy lovers embark on what seems to be the first date. As AJ Smith becomes so overwhelmed and leaves his car, he quickly changes into his leather jacket and heads back to the car, only to watch another suave version of himself playing on the big screen.

The same situation occurs with AJ Smith's counterpart, which just so happens to be his lovely fiancé in real life. She jitters with nerves and makes her big return with a suggestive leather jacket. With a group dance break straight out of the 1950s, the video later ends with our nerdy protagonists sharing a kiss and realizing that facades won't bring them love, but authenticity will.