Ajay Friese Reminds Us of Self-Love in, "YOUR EYES"

From Seattle to Victoria, BC, the actor, singer-songwriter, and recording artist Ajay Friese releases an emotionally rich and reflective single entitled "YOUR EYES."

Best known for his acting career, you can catch Ajay Friese on various Netflix series' like Lost in Space, Riot Girls, Riverdale, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. In terms of his music career, Ajay Friese continues to defy genres through his blend of pop, alt-folk, and rock.

Produced by Ajay Friese and Michael Tessier, "YOUR EYES" tells a relatable story of looking to people that bring out the best version of oneself. "I hope the track serves as a reminder to look to the people who truly know you and see the best in you, and trust in their love and admiration for you," says Friese.

Listening to "YOUR EYES," the song peacefully opens with a soothing acoustic guitar that gently strums its way to our hearts. As Ajay Friese's warm and soft vocals begin to serenade us, he later touches on those debilitating sensations of loneliness and a lack of self-love. As the instrumentals begin to develop, they drop into the powerful hook with a scorching hot electric guitar wailing in the foreground alongside a punchy drum arrangement.

As Ajay Friese continues his powerful and emotionally dense performance, he later reaches the song's last minute with the utmost courage and bravery while exclaiming how he's loving himself a bit more every day. As the song ends, Ajay Friese leaves us in a deep state of reflection that has us analyzing who brings out the best version of ourselves.

Allow Ajay Friese to remind you of self-love's importance with his latest single, "YOUR EYES," now available on all digital streaming platforms.