Ajay Friese Reminds Us of Self-Love in, "YOUR EYES"

From Seattle to Victoria, BC, the actor, singer-songwriter, and recording artist Ajay Friese releases an emotionally rich and reflective single entitled "YOUR EYES."

Best known for his acting career, you can catch Ajay Friese on various Netflix series' like Lost in Space, Riot Girls, Riverdale, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. In terms of his music career, Ajay Friese continues to defy genres through his blend of pop, alt-folk, and rock.

Produced by Ajay Friese and Michael Tessier, "YOUR EYES" tells a relatable story of looking to people that bring out the best version of oneself. "I hope the track serves as a reminder to look to the people who truly know you and see the best in you, and trust in their love and admiration for you," says Friese.

Listening to "YOUR EYES," the song peacefully opens with a soothing acoustic guitar that gently strums its way to our hearts. As Ajay Friese's warm and soft vocals begin to serenade us, he later touches on those debilitating sensations of loneliness and a lack of self-love. As the instrumentals begin to develop, they drop into the powerful hook with a scorching hot electric guitar wailing in the foreground alongside a punchy drum arrangement.

As Ajay Friese continues his powerful and emotionally dense performance, he later reaches the song's last minute with the utmost courage and bravery while exclaiming how he's loving himself a bit more every day. As the song ends, Ajay Friese leaves us in a deep state of reflection that has us analyzing who brings out the best version of ourselves.

Allow Ajay Friese to remind you of self-love's importance with his latest single, "YOUR EYES," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We highly appreciate such a relatable and emotional single like "Your Eyes." What inspired you to write a song that touches on the importance of self-love?

To be honest I never understood the need for self-love… until I lost it. I loved myself so much growing up, and I guess I took it for granted, so when people preached self-love, I couldn’t relate.

When I was in my early 20s (I’m 23 now) I felt depressed for the first time in my life. I got super down on myself, became my own worst critic, and almost entirely lost faith in myself and who I was. I was so terrified of making mistakes or of being a “bad” person that I would take every action and thought and contort it in my head until I could find some twisted ill-intentioned motive behind it. Then I would punish myself so that I would never do it again. I would brush past someone in the street and tell myself I did it on purpose, and I would give someone a compliment then convince myself I was manipulating them to like me more. Part of my brain became obsessed with analyzing my every move in a restless attempt at perfection – the vast majority of the criticisms were distorted BS. But it really was destroying my love for myself.

So there I was, finally seeing so clearly why people encourage and talk about self-love. And you know what? I got a lot better. For me, it was the love of my friends and family that helped me to believe in myself again. And that is what “Your Eyes” is about. It is about seeing and feeling the love of another, and it always makes you love yourself at least a little bit stronger. I really hope this song helps people who are going through battles with their own self-worth. Look around at the people who you love and think highly of… look at the wonderful things they see in you. Let that inspire faith. I hope this song makes you feel self-love while listening.

Why did you choose to create such an enthralling, dynamic, and stimulating sonic atmosphere for "Your Eyes"? How does the song's sonics emphasize your emotional lyrical message?

I think self-love can be felt in many forms. It can be calm and warm like the embers of a fire, and it can also be felt in giant radiant bursts, like fireworks. Personally, I love how sonically massive and energetic “Your Eyes” is. Many of my self-criticisms would come suddenly and energetically, and so I would also have to fight for self-love in an enthused and often desperate way. I think you can feel that expressed through the peaks and troughs of the song.

I’ve also enjoyed blending genres, and I am really satisfied with the way we have infused singer-songwriter pop with touches of rock and even a sprinkle of EDM.

Did you encounter any personal challenges when writing such vulnerable and emotional lyrics for "Your Eyes"? Or was this process rather easy for you?

Not sure how to answer this, because the answer is no actually, not really….I know it shows vulnerability, but what I love about music is how free I feel to express myself. ☺

Could you enlighten our readers on what you aim to achieve with your artistic brand? What do you want your music to stand for and represent?

My music expresses curiosity, love, and feeling, and reflects so many things I find interesting about the sounds themselves. I love to experience things fully, closing my eyes and being present – listening to music in the way I would intently watch a film. I think I naturally try to create these experiences in my own songs, and as a result, my music is diverse, just like the clothes in my closet, my hobbies, and my friends. It is not defined by a genre or a sound, but it is always genuine and backed with real honest feelings.