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Ajay The Artist Creates Tribal Vibe With “Selena Quintanilla”

Anthony Wilberforce Neil Jr. is a 28 year old talented artist making waves out of New Jersey. Better known for his professional name Ajay The Artist, he released his first 2 EPs in September 2016 called "The Art Pt.1" & "The Art Pt. 2". Always making new music and relevant content, stay on the lookout for Ajay The Artist! 

“Selena Quintanilla” is a catchy track from Ajay The Artist, infectious and charmingly lo-fi vocals fused with a really energetic backing track makes this record a go-to in our recent features. Ajay The Artist adds a tribal vibe and bass rumble to carry the track into the breakdown, and allows “Selena Quintanilla” to rebuild the story with the kind of brooding tension that will delight any listener. It features a highly infectious groove and expertly mixed rollers, so you can feel every little nuance if played loud enough. It's high-octane stuff, with boundless percussive energy and relentless bass movement. Ajay The Artist's sound is melodic, bouncy and undeniably fun. “Selena Quintanilla” is a diverse club banger that will fire up the party without fail.

Listen to “Selena Quintanilla” here and get to know more about Ajay The Artist below!

Hello Ajay The Artist! Can you introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic community?

Yes. my name is Anthony Neil Jr., my Artist Name is Ajay The Artist

How did you get started making music?

I got started making music during grade school, being a part of the middle school band.

What’s the meaning of the song “Selena Quintanilla”?

It is a song named after the singer Selena , who's music I would listen to growing up.

What do you hope your listeners take away from “Selena Quintanilla”?

A song that you can dance to, or listen to whenever you want to listen to music.

Do you have any events or releases you’d like to tell us about? We can’t wait to hear more! 

I just streamed my First Album this summer on Spotify, Apple Music and other steaming platforms called "Perfect: The Album .


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