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Akash & LeA Robinson Bring The Summer Vibes In "Priyanka"

Coming in hot from New York is Indian pop and hip-hop fusion artist and singer-songwriter Akash with his latest enamored, passionate, and playful single, "Priyanka," featuring LeA Robinson.

Akash Ahuja has not only created a sound all of his own but at a very young age, he's seen vast success, like being the first Indian on a Times Square Billboard and playing sold-out shows in India. Since releasing his debut single, "Affection," he's made waves with his music, which charted on the iTunes Hip-Hop Top 50.

Keeping the passion and wit alive is Akash's latest single, "Priyanka," alongside the "Granddaughter of hip-hop," LeA Robinson. The song is the first of the trio of tracks that will drop in early spring/summer and is about Akash's first crush, none other than Priyanka Chopra. On a broader note, it's a celebration of Chopra's success in the Indian community.

This playful and upbeat summer tune, "Priyanka," begins with warm r&b keys that spice up the atmosphere and send us into a nostalgic 90s r&b beat with LeA Robinson's heavenly background vocals. The first lyric from Akash just so happens to be our favorite, "Priyanka, I slid up in your DMs like 'me want ya.'"

As we continue through this lively summer anthem, Akash continues spilling his passion and admiration for Ms. Chopra while setting the mood with picturesque scenes of islands and vacations alongside the groovy and energetic beat. We love Robinson's soothing vocal harmonies that amplify Akash's emotion and passion as the two artists head to the feel-good outro.

Get an early taste of summer vibes with Akash and LeA Robinson's latest catchy anthem, "Priyanka," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Akash. We can't get enough of your playful and exciting new single, "Priyanka." What inspired you to write a song about your first crush Priyanka Chopra and her success in the Indian community?

"Priyanka" is a gorgeous model and a talented actress and singer. She has done so much to help the Indian community, from being a part of UNICEF since 2006 to promoting children's rights. She is such an admirable figure; who wouldn't be obsessed with her?

What made you want to work alongside the 'Granddaughter of hip-hop,' LeA Robinson, for "Priyanka?" What did she add to the single that you were looking for?

LeA has always been a great friend of mine whose talents I've always admired. When I finished this track, I knew it needed female backing vocals and that LeA would bring this track to the next level. We've worked together on songs before, but "Priyanka" is the one I am most proud of.

Did you produce the lively and rhythmic r&b production for "Priyanka?" Did anyone help you navigate that sonic creative process?

I have a very talented team and this track would not have been possible without them. My producer Davincii made the infectious beat, and my talented engineer Anthony Scott DePerto mixed and mastered the track.

How does "Priyanka" relate to your upcoming two releases dropping in early spring/summer? Will all three songs give off a cheerful, catchy summer vibe?

Nope! This summer we're going to have fun trying out a couple of different sounds. Stay tuned to hear what the next two sound like!

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