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Akin Busari Serves Much Needed Hope on His Motivational Single, “Time Flies”

Nigerian born artist Akin Busari releases his hopeful and optimistic single titled “Time Flies”. Growing up in Africa and moving to Canada has let Akin Busari capture inspiration from his Nigerian heritage fuelling his creativity, and diversifying his sound with modern western influences. Through compelling R&B, Hip Hop, and Reggae, his lyrical content is said to surround issues of everyday life which every audience can relate to, letting his powerful messages intertwine with the soul. His inspirational single “Time Flies” brings forward talented lyricism that speaks to the world as a whole, only to unite us as one with the powerful emotion that is love. Through Reggae production and instrumentals, we’re able to get down with his lush melodies and pure lyrics.

Opening with dreamy sounds of waves on the beach, “Time “Flies” gives off an exhilarating atmosphere right from the jump. Once Akin Busari’s enchanting vocals take us on a journey, we’re refreshed to hear a talented and diverse artist take such authority with his messages, and preaches that we can get through anything with love. The underlying production on Akin Busari’s single “Time Flies” brings forward simplicity without a dull moment. We can’t help but feel inspired by Akin Busari’s Marley-Esque vibe on “Time Flies”, exuding hope, faith, and love. His pure talent and emotion comes through hot on this track, serving the world a message we need nowadays. We’ll leave you with a highlighted lyric, be sure to check out Akin Busari’s moving single “Time Flies”. “As time flies just hold on if you believe you will see that every little thing’s gonna be alright”.

You can discover "Time Flies" here.

Hey Akin Busari, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re incredibly inspired by your hopeful single “Time Flies”. In regards to the single, what made Akin Busari right a track that every audience can relate to, and serves a unifying message?

The message of the song is Hope, unity, love, and a call to action for us to be the change we want to see. The song was written to spread positivity and encourage everyone during these pressing times of Covid-19 (or any other issues we face) and to ask everyone to play their role because it's clearer now that we have more in common than that which separates us and together we will defeat the virus and stop the spread.

The timing couldn't be better to release your latest inspiring single “Time Flies” during these unpredictable days. What does Akin Busari want his audience to take away from “Time Flies”, and how did you want to make in impact through the single?

I want people to know where there is life, there is hope and if we put our love in action we will protect ourselves and others. The impact I want to make with the song is to remind everyone that they are not powerless and we all have a role to play in getting through hard times.

Growing up in Africa then moving to Canada is said to give Akin Busari limitless inspiration, as well as the power above. With these inspirations, how have they shaped you to release the empowering music you have today?

My experiences growing up in Africa has taught me that perseverance, strength, and joy can get you through life's struggles while my relationship with God has taught me to love and to trust that there is a greater plan for our lives and now being in Canada I see that we all desire the same things; to be safe, to be loved and to prosper. You can find all three of these factors in the song.

Now that we’ve gotten to know Akin Busari better through your music, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers about your vision as an artist, and how you use your platform to unite everyone across the globe?

My personal vision is to uplift and inspire others positively. I will continue to preach love, unity, peace, and togetherness through my songs and lifestyle coz we have more in common than that which separates us and together we are stronger. Though we have different colors we're the same people. That's the message; it's One love, one heart.  



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