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Alabama Rose Premieres Her New Single "Come With Me"

Alabama Rose is a badass emerging rock & roll artist from Birmingham, AL. She rocks with attitude, power, and she knows how to turn heads with her music elements blending with surf, soul, blues and old-west twang to create modern music with a vintage twist. She can be described as a current day Janis Joplin or Ann Wilson with her dark and powerful voice that hasn’t been heard since the height of the rock & roll era. Alabama Rose quickly gained a reputation for her energetic live performances and live studio recordings.

Alabama Rose releases her new single “Come With Me". “Come With Me” is a one of a kind track in todays era. Alabama Rose rocks out this song with confidence and enthusiasm. "Come With Me" provides a slightly southern country twist while maintaining a super catchy surf beat. Alabama Rose is undeniably talented in her work, having the capability to bring rock and roll back to life with her own take on it. Her passion and motivation to sing and write the type of music that she grew up with has been a huge factor of her success. Alabama Rose’s lively character and energy makes her a fantastic artist to see live, so check her out when she performs near you!

Listen to Alabama Rose's new single "Come With Me" here and be sure to follow her on social media for all new music and updates!


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