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Alabama Weather Takes A Wistful 80s Approach To, “Love to Hate Me”

Alabama Weather is a Pop duo fronted by the husband and wife power couple; Miika and Mary. Both sharing a love for music, this special creation of a project explores the unique backgrounds that the two have in the industry.

Taking Miika’s experience that flourished from the age of 6, and Mary’s on-again, off-again infatuation with music that finally brought her to a cemented decision of pursuing the arts, the couple pours heart and soul into the sounds they share with the world.

Exuding such a brilliant display of versatility as they approach their modern Pop sound with a nostalgic 80s synth-pop twist, we can’t help but admire the refreshing style displayed in Alabama Weather’s latest single “Love to Hate Me.”

The delicate instrumentation takes you on a gentle ride of inquisitiveness as you wait for the soundscape to expand upon your speakers. As this masterpiece provides you with exactly that, our sonic palettes are opened up for the chorus which leaves an imprint in our minds.

“Love to Hate Me” beautifully portrays both Miika and Mary’s artistic talents as they redefine the norms between husband and wife duos. With this buoyant unveiling of a sound that is exclusive to them, the dynamism that they bring to life pours in themes of unity and syncopation.

As they each take turns belting out saccharine croons that leave you wanting more, the versatility in the flair we get to experience shows us a direct representation of their expressions through a combination of blatant and abstract lyrical motifs.

Coming full circle to moments revisited in the carefully crafted lyrics such as ‘Cause I know all you want to do is love me,’ we get taken on quite the venture in “Love to Hate Me,” as Alabama Weather flexes undeniable chemistry.

We adore the vibes that you both give off in your latest single, "Love to Hate Me." Could you please share the meaning behind this song and where the inspiration was struck for it?

First off, thanks for taking the time to talk to us about our music. We're super thankful to be able to share our music with others. It seems like we've seen a rise in hate and violence in our world over the last several years, and we wanted to bring attention to it. We wanted to write a fun, jammable song to express that hate and violence are not the way to resolve issues. We needed to shine a light on what happens when people get wrapped up in hatred and violence.

What is it like working so closely together with your art, as well as in life? Do you think this ultimately strengthens you?

We come from totally different backgrounds musically. Miika is classically trained, has been in multiple bands, and produced many projects. Mary has no experience at all. She taught herself to play guitar and sing. Miika has been the driving force in encouraging her to sing and write. So, coming from two different perspectives, we work together beautifully. It gives us two completely different views and visions when we're making music. Being in love with each other might help too! We both know what we like and dislike, allowing us to add elements of what we both want easier. It can be a little frustrating at times, though! Being married to your bandmate is a blessing. We're always together, so we can collaborate anytime.

Compared to your 2020 releases, what similarities and differences did you come across when enduring the creative and release process for "Love to Hate Me?"

In 2020 we started as a band, and we're looking for what we wanted our sound to be. We released a song called "Honey" later in the year that became a fan favorite. "Love to Hate me" has similar vibes to "Honey." We want to evoke an 80s synth vibe but also continue to incorporate modern pop aspects. As far as differences go, it is nothing like our first release, "Yellowhammer State." It's a raw take on how we feel our home state has held us back from our dreams. "Love to Hate me" is more upbeat and sonically more refined. We've started to figure what we want our music to sound like.

What does Alabama Weather stand for as a duo? What are the main themes that you hope your fan base can take away from your music?

Last year when we decided to form a band, the name Alabama Weather randomly came into our heads. We thought it sounded cool and rolled off the tongue. But it's the perfect way to describe what we represent as a duo: Unpredictability. Alabama Weather can be very unpredictable. One day it could be 90 degrees. A few days later, it could be cold and windy. One day it could be sunny and calm the next day, it could be tornado central. We know it's essential to make music that has similarities and is recognizable. But we can make different styles of songs, and we have the freedom to make what we want. We want each piece to have a positive message for our fans. There's so much hate in the world today. We feel that being in a positive light can make a difference.

What's next for Alabama Weather?

For now, we're going to keep making more awesome music, videos, and content for our fans. Our music video for "Love to Hate me" is coming out soon. Our long-term goal is to grow our following to a point where we can travel and tour.


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